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Their numbers suggest that even 100 million years ago, chimerachne was already a “living fossil” — a species that resembles creatures otherwise known only from the fossil record, Selden said.

Paul Selden, a paleontologist at the University of Kansas who unveiled that other ancient arachnid and worked with Wang to analyze this latest discovery, said he’d been waiting to find something like this ever since A.

fimbriunguis was discovered.“It seems to be an intermediate form,” Selden said — midway between the spinneret-less A. Due to this mix of features, the two research groups differ slightly over where C. But they agree it is a close cousin of the Araneae, or true spider, order.

Both researchers looked at the perfectly preserved animals and came to the same conclusion: This was an entirely new kind of animal.

They introduced their discovery, dubbed Chimerarachne yingi, in a pair of papers published Monday in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

yingi wouldn’t be the first fossil arachnid to show up in the wild.

In the 1880s, scientists working in Madagascar were surprised to see a new type of “assassin spider” crawling about.Like today’s horseshoe crabs and ginkgo trees, it was a holdover from an earlier period in evolutionary history.Selden even entertained what he called the “tantalizing possibility these creatures are still around.”C.With its curious mix of ancient and modern traits — a long, skinny tail inherited from a distant arachnid ancestor, but a silk-producing organ like those found in spiders today — the tiny chimerarachne, or “chimera spider,” is not a member of the immediate family.But it is one of modern spiders’ closest cousins, and it presents some intriguing hints at how they evolved. yingi fossils were uncovered by amber miners in northern Burma, sold to dealers, then purchased by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.I remember her in the waiting room before I went in for my network audition, and we got to talking and got along really well.