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"The best way of meeting people is through other people, but if you haven't met someone in real life you can meet someone through other people on a website," she said.The online dating site allows people's friends to write them a profile and recommend people they think would be a good match for them.

Everyone who joins takes a test that analyses 32 traits of their personality, with the results based on an algorithm of 32 different rules.The dating service covers most major cities throughout the globe, and matches you up with people nearby so you don’t have to spend too long travelling to and from your date.They also host exclusive events for members, and have city-specific parameters, such as London Underground zone limits.3.And with dating websites predicting the busiest February on record and monthly logins set to increase 150 per cent in the lead up to Friday 14th there will be plenty of people to choose from."Good things happen to people who take risks," added Sarah.One seller, known as Waheed, posted: 'Promised to contact me to improve an offer and then behind my back completed the transaction in less than 24 hours.My Single Friend Sarah Beeny’s British-based site My Single Friend takes the stress out of writing your own profile… Every member has been recommended by a friend, giving you a true insight into what your potential matches are really like.

The site has a fun and friendly feel, and minimises the chance of reading hundreds of self-written profiles that all say pretty much the same thing.2.

Guardian Soulmates If you read The Guardian, you’re probably already aware of their online dating service Guardian Soulmates.

As you’d expect, most members are Guardian readers who – according to the Guardian themselves – tend to be well-travelled, affluent, have a good knowledge of finance and appreciate good food and drink.

As a TV presenter, author, property developer, mother of three and internet entrepreneur – she started the dating website – Sarah Beeny is undoubtedly a busy woman.

But having lost her mother at the age of 10 – when her mum was just 39 – Sarah also finds time to lend her support to charity.

"I think the way you are with your friends says a lot about a person and that's why is works," says Sarah.