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####Manipulation Time periods may also be manipulated.They may be shifted earlier or later as well as expanded and contracted.

They are unorganized unless you decide to sort them, and have their own characteristics like a Start Date and End Date that are extrapolated from the time periods within.Date Tools was written to streamline date and time handling in i OS.Classes and concepts from other languages served as an inspiration for Date Tools, especially the Date Time structure and Time Period Library for . Through these classes and others, Date Tools removes the boilerplate required to access date components, handles more nuanced date comparisons, and serves as the foundation for entirely new concepts like Time Periods and their collections.####Date Components There is a lot of boilerplate associated with getting date components from an Date.You have to set up a calendar, use the desired flags for the components you want, and finally extract them out of the calendar.Time period collections allow overlaps within their set of time periods.

To make a new collection, call the class method like so: Operations It is also possible to check an Date's or Time Period's relationship to the collection.With Date Tools, this: ####Date Editing The date editing methods in Date Tools makes it easy to shift a date earlier or later by adding and subtracting date components.For instance, if you would like a date that is 1 year later from a given date, simply call the method are great, but it would be nice to have a boolean response to help when building logic in code; to easily ask "is this date earlier than that one? Date Tools has a set of proxy methods that do just that as well as a few other methods for extended flexibility.They are listed below: All of the possible relationships have been enumerated in the Time Period Relation enum.For a better grasp on how time periods relate to one another, check out the "Time Periods" tab in the example application.This is great and all, but there are times when one wants to know how many years or days are between two dates.

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