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Justhookup profile hazel hot

I am so upset and tired of these calls and ignorance by someone I have told I am NOT INTERESTED How do we stop being harrassed on a daily basis- You have nothing we want or need- DO NOT CALL AGAIN YOU PIECES OF IGNORANT This is the point you all have pushed us to After a fishing expedition I identified him as "David Duncan" who wanted to know if we could split a - money order he has-I guess he just needs my banking info next,needless to say I didn't respond back-What planet do these &^%holes come from?This was a harasiung calls my grandparents got and believed: Caller Named Steve Richardson stated we won ,- however we had to pay over - for state taxes to collect our prize at the airport- Gave a federal badge # and everything- Keep calling saying they were waiting at the airport in Atlanta to deliver our prize through Fedex after we pay the taxes The reverse # showed Tim Ron Enterprises in Dallas TX- They said they were from Georgia Bennett in Fort Worth TX- Watch out people I got a call from this number the Perron on the phone was not even able to speak English all he was saying you owe me - if you pay you win a trip these guys are calling from india I hate these freaking Indians all they do is to mess with us we are Americans they want our money this company is a scam I receive recorded messages from this number, all I can make out is debt collection from a Ms- Simpson- It does not state my name and makes reference to a letter for collection that they have sent, which I'm yet to receive and probably never will I have NOTHING IN COLLECTIONS, I OWE NOTHING EXCEPT NEXT MONTH'S UTILITIES, UNTIL THE BILL GETS HERE it is extremely annoying Robert France Electric is an electrical company that has been serving the metroplex for years and has plus years of experience- We service: Keller, North Richland Hills, Bedford, Watauga, Southlake, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grapevine This scum bag company took from my deceased mother's checking account by draft under the name of DPJ Marketing- Only recorded garbage when you dial the toll free number listed on the copy of the draft the bank provided for me The past days, I have gotten a call from this number- My caller id says it comes from "Test" , But the automated message is leaving the number , as a call back number- They have "important" personal information and want me to call back- It also gives me a reference number- The fake number showing up on the caller id is throwing me- If it's a legitimate company, they aren't never going to get me to the phone this way I too received a call this morning, that I had pending cases that needed immediate action taken and they were going to come to my place of employement or home and serve me with legal papers- Couldn't help by laugh at the message seeing as when you are sent a court summons they DONT TELL YOU- So many scams with this alleged "Company"- Guess I have myself to blame seeing as I applied for an online payday loan awhile back- Those companies sell your numbers, Just ignore the calls and DO NOT give them any of your information- Just because they tell you the last digits of your SSN doesn't mean Jack- Oh, and don't apply or put your info for any online loans- (Ugh, desperate times call for desperate measures LOL)C'est une agence de recouvrement de crédit qui s'appelle: NCNwww-ncn-ca "Nor-Don Collection Network Inc- (NCN) is a Canadian owned and operated Collection Agency that has been providing the business and Government communities with comprehensive financial recovery services since - NCN is a true National Collection agency, with branch locations in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, servicing the North American market- All of our offices are corporately managed- Throughout the years NCN has been successful in developing customized credit and collection solutions for a wide variety of markets and credit grantors-"I reported the # to them so they can add it to their list- I called the number back and, as usual, it is not an active number- This scam has to stop- I've received calls from over not in service numbers, all Mexican speaking,a recording plays in Spanish to push '' and talk to a live person- When I do that I tell them in Spanish to stop calling me plus some more choice words and they always hang up on me- If they had any common sense at all, they'd get the hint that I cannot be duped by their scam- I've even reported several numbers to the FCC and I received an email back from them stating they will try to investigate This is one of the more active numbers, same group of social misfits, Some info, They will claim to be from one of the following, Gold Rush Casino Publishers Clearing House MGM Grand American Money Payouts US GOV'T Federal Grants The IRS (for real hahaha)UPS Fed Ex FBI FEDERAL MARSHALLSOf course NONE of it is true, The FBI doesn't deliver "Money" or pizzas, UPS doesn't call customers, Areacode is on the Mossell Cellular system in Kingston, Jamaica, What you had on the end of that line was a dirty,black "Chimpanzee" dressed in filthy shorts and a ripped up wifebeater shirt- He was sitting in a small leanto with chickens roosters running around (you can usually HEAR them in the background)-His "Computer" was a "Etch-A-Scetch" that he was looking up your info on-They DO use "Magic Jacks" registered so they LOOK like they are in (vegas) (reno) (florida) (alabama) and a few others, BE SMART ask yourself who in their right mind would hire someone that SOUNDS like these Dingbats?

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Great Thanks for the warning-Now it's back to the boiler room with you I have received calls from this number since July , - I wont answer calls from a number I don't know- But, I check my voice mail, if they leave one- There has never been a voice mail left from this number I received a call from this number and he harassed me over the phone and he said he would send Sherif to my home to arrest me- When I asked for his website he said www-irs-com and when I continued to ask him details he hung up the phone- The name he give was Brandon Jones and give ID was - He wanted me to pay for holding the case and another to local IRS office, to a very specific person- Later, when I talked to my friends, I fond out that he called his home times already and heard many people are getting calls from this number This call came in while I was at work, I love to break up my day with, BS calls like this- They have an amazing website from the year LOL REAL # , I am an SEO professional and deal with the people whom ruin our trade- Sorry for those who come across this as SPAM below with the number repeat, it increases amount of being found online :)Fake BS Number:, , , , , , , , ,www-jsonline-com blogs news -html Caller: searchenginesetup-com Had the same experience as Simone- Male caller who stated he was calling from "JP Physician Recruiting"- He said he needed to verify my information from an online job site and stated this call would be recorded for quality assurance- Asked if I was currently employed,then asked if I was over ,then asked for my birthdate, I said I don't give that info out over the phone and asked if he could send me the info- aggressively replied "no" and immediately he hung up- MAJOR SCAM- DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATIONsounds like the same guy i just talked to, he told me If i wasn't going to keep it professional he was going to hang up, i told him to go ahead and then he tells me he has my husbands birthdate, i told him that that means nothing to me lol So JUST rented a house from this Tej Danjou and he offered to pay for hours of cleaning so I pay out of my pocket and so far weeks later, I'm still waiting for my bucks- sigh I wish I would have found this site before I rented the house :( - This is not the only thing going on either - I could go on, The manager at Sutton says he cannot do anything as Tej only rents an office there- Its a shame that Proact is giving a bad name to Sutton-FULL ADDRESS OF THE WORST AGENCY IN SURREY, BCSUTTON GROUP PROACT REALTY AVENUESURREY, BCVRNOWNER BROKER TEJWAT TED DANJOUCOMPLAINT FILE # RTKeep calling my mother's house for ME All hours of the day & night- Won't stop harassing her- Same things says can get me , for -%, yeah- not- How do we stop these- not fair they can get around the # do not call thing this way They called multiple times- I knew it was spam because I did not recognize the number and we do not know anyone from NJ- I finally picked up, had to say Hello twice and they wanted to know about electric and they were trying to sell something- I asked to be put on the Do Not Call List and they would not accept that answer- They said they were doing a government survey and that I have to answer or they will keep calling- They told me this after I asked to be put on the Do Not Call List three times-They did not tell me what company they were from when I asked This entry was very useful- I ran across it in a jobs hiring want-ad in the LA Times, and jackie's post let me know it was another job scam without my needing to verify thru more indirect sources-Glo- Phillips This #, has called EVERY SINGLE day at least TWICE a day for a couple of months & NEVER leaves a message- Caller ID list the # & Hasbrokhts, NJ- I have no business with anyone in NJ- Wish they'd get the hint & not call back YOU FCKNG LYING ATTORNEY MY AS* KELVIN KEITH DREAM ON YOU CANNOT EVEN SPELL OR PRONOUNCE YOUR NAME RIGHT STAY IN INDIA AND LEAVE US IN PEACE DO NOT TRY TO BE AMERICAN BECAUSE YOUR INDIAN ACCENT IS SO FKIN THICK, AS THICK AS YOUR INDIAN A*S PLEASE DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS FAKE ATTY- KELVIN KEITH FROM INDIA BUT REPORT HIM TO HOMELAND SECURITY OR TO THE POLICE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HIM A PENNY OR ANY INFO IN THE FIRST PLACE, THE WAY THEY DO HARASS US IS AGAINST OUR CONSUMER RIGHTS THEY FCK*N DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND I HOPE THAT ONE DAY THEY GET PENALIZED AND TRIALEDI HOPE TO LIVE IN PEACE ONE DAYdidn't answer- Called back & get recording, "Hello Thank you for returning my call- Please leave your name and number at the sound of the tone"- Which I did not No company name or other info on recording I have tried for weeks to get the email spam stopped from Parmacy Express (aka Canadian Prarmacy) to be stopped all to no avail- I have reported spam on the website,it does no good- I have tried to contact them via email,it does no good- I continue to recieve between and of their emails daily- There seems to be nothing within the realm of human possibility to stop their emails- Are there any legal actions that will stop this?

They either hang up before I say anything or have computer asking me to push if I want what they are selling [Something different everytime]- I call back on my cell phone without my name showing,it says telephone removal system put in your number As someone with telemarketing experience, asking a telemarketer to to take you off their list is not very effective- Their company just gives them an automatically generated list and sometimes several people will get the same number and eventually dial it- That's why some of you guys are getting to calls a day- Just wait it out and eventually their firm will just stop using your number This really makes me laugh - We pay how much for the donotcall list and it does nothing - I have signed up there many times , I never give out my cell number for anything I order - Yet companies like this who are in some politicians pocket are being allowed to break the law again and again on our tax dollars This number always calls my landline within minutes after I recieve a call from () , I don't answer either calls- The () - number shows on the caller I-D as GFC Resources I and the () - number shows on the caller I-D as Wireless Caller- Neither callers leave a message and they call about twice weekly This time it was a female and after asking my name she hung up- When I called back I got recording telling me that the number was temporarily disconnected at the caller's request- What's up with that?????

" And then the lady on the phone gave ME attitude cause i have a ct number Wtf do you call people at in the morning for anyways I wouldn't be happy about either Officer White of IRS called with tax fraud claim and threats- As he described how horrible I have been in last few years with tax papers, and how kind he can be if I paid his gang of fakes right now, I heard moslem prayer calls in the background- This is a scam from some Muslim region- His accent was Middle Eastern or Pakistani Here's my story about this number- A person I work with received letters from Palisades Collections to a a person at his address with the same last name but different first- After the rd one I called it from my cell phone- I got the whom prompt to enter my SSN, so I entered , obviously fake :) I talked with someone and they asked for a 'debtor ID' and so I gave the one off the paper- He asked with whom he was speaking, and I said: YOU TELL ME- He said names before he said the name that was on the letter- HAHA- So then I said, I don't owe debt, and he said he bought the debt from some other company- I told him I would look into this b c I think he is trying to steal my ID and call him back- Never did- He called again and I went into it- I asked what the company address was- He said an address in Jersey- Then I asked him his name, he said TOM- I asked his last name and he said it was irrelevant- So I moved on and asked what SSN he had on file for me- He gave me the last - I asked for him to read the whole thing- He gave it- I asked for his last name again- He said IRRELEVANT- So I asked for his email- He said WE DONT DO EMAIL HERE- I laughed- I final read back all the info he gave me and I asked if that was correct- He said yes- Then I said, THAT IS NOT MY NAME, NOT MY ADDRESS, NOT MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER- PLEASE NEVER CALL ME AGAIN AND TAKE MY NUMBER OFF YOUR LIST- He got reeeaalllly mad- He said YOU'VE JUST WASTED THE LAST MIN OF MY TIME- I said GOOD, YOU SHOULDN'T BE STEALING PEOPLES IDENTITY (or something like that)- and he hung up on me hahahahah- Well, that was last week and I've gotten more calls from this number- Shouldn't this be against the law?

Unknown caller that is some kind harassment call- When you answer it's quiet an no background noise & they call all hours of day- When you call number back there is no answer at all but if they do the call is immediately hung up This number is out of Jasper Indiana This number has been calling my cell phone for months and always at roughly the same time in the morning- When I pick up, I can hear someone breathing on the other end and occasionally the dull sound of a radio broadcast- Even creepier is when they suddenly gasp then hang up-what the heck?

Got a call from this number too, male with a heavy middle eastern accent could barley understand the company he said he was with j-hall or jmar or j something and assosiates- said i owed from a company called first cash, never heard of them asked for more info said didnt have it but i was being sued, but if i wanted more info to meet a lawyer in front of the court house to see what im being charged with, actually gave me a court date, which i called the court house and it never existed- Idiot said i was being charged criminally if i owed money its a civil thing and the court address he gave wasnt even in the right county where i lived told him thought it was a scam and hung up, he then he called back and threatned me he had some public information on me and tried to scare me with the fact that he knew so much about me, first time ive recived a call from this number its a scam please please do not give them any information if you owe money they have to file legally phone number , also assosiated with it By law in Eastern states phone calls are a loud from AM to PM-Most collections agencies work off of a dialer the computer dials the phone numbers that's why you are saying ello before the colletor can here you-Each collector has their own way of collecting some are to agressive some are pure professional this is motivation to help consumers to resolve their matters-If you are in collections send a cease and desist letter stating not to call- I hope this helps They call over and over and over and over- They already know my situation- I can pay payments one time a month- This makes one late and the other early- My other paycheck is used for mortgage, light bill, etc- They cannot get it thru their heads that I need to pay once a month, so they call and call and call and call until I make the payments at one time- They also call all my references, which is an insult, since I've talked with them and told them my situation- I sent them an email recently and told them that the laws in our state prevent them from harassing me at work and harassing my references and I requested they set up my payments for once a month- I also said I will be speaking with the police to see what can be done about them harassing me and my references- The only reason I used them in the first place is because I don't have good credit (because of a lemon car, loss of job, etc-) These people are way over the top harassing The call me today.saying the were the irs n were trying to collect a debt or I wld be arrest . If he is or working with the irs he should have all the information. I hung up n blocked the number They called me saying I needed to call back in a very menicing voice- The man said it was very important- and it was not a sales call- I did not return the call but someone who may be scared- would and give them what ever they wanted This number is just one of that I have, for at least sites selling prescription meds So they are all owned by the same people- I called each one after my card being ripped off from them for - usd and now no one will answer- but there are only a few people ,maybe a family thing, that are available for all the sites tied to these numbers- Norah she is the first one i spoke with who then transfered me to the sales man names raphial I recorded all the calls so i wiish I could upload themto this site (not sure what good that will do- I just want me meds or my money back- BEWARE here are the other numbers, AFTER RINGING TIMES A MESSAGE COMES ON SAYING WELCOME TO VERIZON, THE WIRELESS COSTOMER U ARE TRYING TO REACH IN NOT AVAILABLE-which leads me to believe they are most likely pre-paid phones- just speculating This no has called me several times in the last couple of days- It appears to be a computer generated number as when I called it back all I got was wierd noises- Believe it was some telemarketer who couldn't thru to me and then setup a computer to dial me every half hour on June I have been getting random calls like this from all over the US since i had a keylogger malware virus impact my pc after I clicked on a fake Linked In request- The malware virus was downloaded via a -ru website address (Russian) and within minutes I received the first of these spam type calls- They have called both my cell number and my private number - which they could have only gotten from data they downloaded from my pc- If these people call you - do not give any details- SOmehow I believe Americans data is being sold on a blackmarket to telemarketers like this trying to 'fill in the blanks' of personal data to use for things like identity theft, etc- HOmeland Security - where are you? They call sometimes, appears to be some kind of marketing scam, when I answered the phone it said "Verizon wireless you have been awarded - I hung up-"I don't even have a Verizon account, I called the number back and an automated answering machine said "thank you for calling Lifestyle Liv" a member of our team will be with you shortly-I hung up again, Even if they paid me I don't want or need a phone from verizon- lol Caller ID said "Mass Commonwealth" which usually means STATE BUSINESS- Didn't recognize the number and waited for them to start leaving a message with answering machine, but they hung up when answering machine picked up- I could tell it was a LIVE person on the other end; not a robodialer- This is RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL for a state employee NOT to leave a message like this- WHO ARE YOU? Do you expect me to make a LONG DISTANCE CALL back to you to find out WHY YOU called ME???

I tld them I know what I owe n have set up a payment arrangements. 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protocol, crown, gold, simplant, biocare, nobelguide, precision, digital, nobel, nobelprocera, inclusive, cbct, ivoclar, van protector fishing tackle product is safe for kids, lets you transport fishing rods safely, prevents fishing line tangle, and provides better tackle storage. whether you are looking for online dating, adult dating, webcam chat rooms, single women, men or couples, or to just partners with leading advertising agencies to design and develop spectacular interactive ad content for desktops and mobile devices.I have received calls from the same number as well as approximately additional numbers all from area code - I looked it up and it is supposedly from New York City- I called my provider and gave them the phone numbers to see if any illegal access was occurring- I looked the numbers up online for others getting similar calls and there are hundreds of complaints- Many of the times they just hang up and when you try to call back, they do not answer- Horrible getting so many calls all hours of the day and nightim am nowhere near this phone at this present time that you have called and this phone does not take telemarketing calls, sale calls, collections calls, harassment calls, timeshare calls, unknown callers, block calls or that old home buisness call you filled out a card a couple of months ago and where calling you about it- yea right if you have real buisness leave your name and number if youy would like to hear it in action call only friends leave messages, all above hang up befor it's done dont worry i dont answer it- but it works REMEMBER IF WE HELP EACHOTHER WE CAN FIGHT THE BEAST BECAUSE HE IS HERE Confirmed fraud attempt (IRS tax crime investigation unit script)- This is a Pakistan or India based IRS scam- Do not fall for it- The IRS does not initiate any legal action via phone- Read www-treasury-gov tigta press press_tigta,htm As general background information, here are a few things you can do:) Report it to TIGTA under www-treasury-gov tigta contact_report_scam-shtml especially if you have become a victim (lost money, gave personal information etc-)- You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc-gov complaint (include ?IRS Telephone Scam" in your complaint)- This way you can also help the government establish specific fraud patterns-) Help kill their phone lines- The scammers use Voice over IP lines (e-g- magic Jack (Ymax corporation)) to make it seem as if they are calling from the US- This is always against these companys' terms of service and can lead to immediate termination of their contract and blocking of their IP addresses for future attempts to register- Do a reverse look up of their telephone number (e-g- www-whitepages-com) to identify the Voice over IP provider and report it to the company and or law enforcement (local police and or state attorney general)) If you are really annoyed: call or write to your representative in Congress- As these scams happen all over the country maybe this will trigger a reaction and provide US law enforcement agencies with the political backing and the resources they need to work in India and Pakistan together with local authorities (it can happen, read: www-ndtv-com article india ex-call-cen , mmission-)- A US task force has already been set up in Jamaica to nab scammers there (see www-ice-gov doclib news library reports cornerstone cornerstone,pdf)- You can use the following template for your letter (more powerful) or email: notes-com forum ta-aebadccf These people are terrorists- I don't understand why a merchant would utilize their services because it gives them a bad name- I also don't understand why the U-S- federal government hasn't investigated them and fined them or shut them down I have also gotten many of these calls- You can call Bloomberg campaign office , and tell them how annoyed you are with these calls, their phony caller ID, and insist they take you off their list- Also report the calls to stoppoliticalcalls-org (The National Political Do Not Contact Registry)nationaldonotfaxlistregistry-org would appear to be a scam,the WHOIS shows that the domain is registered to a Florida clothing company, Dovewear, Inc-Assume it to be bogus and only a gateway to more fax spam I got a call from this number claiming they where Verizon Wireless- I was a little suspicious when they asked me for account verification info- I have not gotten any emails from them and I do not understand why they would contact me in this way- Is anyone ells have contact with this number?I did not answer it when it called my new home number- I do not have an answering machine at home- I called it back later from my office and it is Verizon Wireless trying to collect past due payments- Evidently, the person who had my number before also had Verizon Wireless, although I do not I just recieved a call form that same number it is a New Jersey number but do not know who is affiliated with this specific number or how they even found my cell number to call me I never give out or post my cell number so it is a mystery to me I am sick of these phone calls- The phone number changes every time they call, but they are always are code, then the next exchange begins with xx- Then the last four digits change- The start in the morning and call every couple of hours during the day (at least they don't call all night)- When I answer, an automated message says "good-bye" and hangs up- They never leave a message- I have called back sometimes and it is either disconnected or somebody answers who has no idea what I am talking about- It is obvious they are using something to make the phone number appear in caller ID that is not the number they are calling from- I don't know why they do this, other than to see if my phone number is a valid number or not- I have filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office, but who knows what will come of that Said they were Radio Shack and the recording requested "Frank" and something about needing further information for account activation for "Robert ,"- I called back and they requested address info and "last four" (which was requested through the phone menu as well, but bypassed by four random sequences of numbers) in order to try and discuss further- I was telling them I had no orders pending with anyone initially in the discussion- They would not provide me with a reference number for the service call as I stated I was calling Radio Shack corporate in regards to the call and the information they were requesting (she said her name was Daryl)- I called and reported to Radio Shack as I had said I would- If they get back to me I may follow up with report to FTC FCC as I had for a similar call for a LINK number spoofing scam My son, who is , is missing from the oceanside, ca, area- He gave a friend who is here in his hometown of torrance, ca (l-a- area of ca), this number- he told his ex-roommate in oceanside, ca that he was coming home here- He didn't and i was worried- But he is in touch and i wanted to know where this number is ROB BP - which is area code - He said my computer was sending error reports to the Windows Department- He said that while I was browsing an infection got on my hard drive- Indian guy- Very determined- I happen to work for a large computer company and knew this was a scam- Scary, very scary They post a very dramatic message on-screen with a voice recording to match, saying you have unwanted spyware or other security threats on your computer- The screen locks and the computer will not respond to any commands- Another message comes up saying call (Your ISP) at this phone number- The phone number is not connected to your ISP and actually goes to "ABC Repair-" I got off the phone when I realized this was just a sales scam with a nuisance virus- Reboot the PC and the on-screen message goes away Just recently got new cell phone and number- Been recieving automated calls asking for someone else- Have repeatedly said so and so no longer has this number but they keep calling- They also use , and , How do you make them stop?

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