Justhookup profile hazel hot

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Justhookup profile hazel hot

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Sam, The company was established few months back so how can you receive a call since last several years- There is no one by the name Jay Patel in the company so forget about owning the company by Jay Patel- So there is no question of you getting harassed since last several years by the company which was established few months back This is a text sent to cell phones asking if you want to refy your loan at % rates whether you are behind in payments or not- It says you can reply by texting 'stop but I am concerned that if I do that it will unleash a fury of ne texts from such companies and or scam artists once they realize they have reached a legit number- I hate this cuz I pay per text and this crap costs me money-'I also received a call from this number and she also identified herself as from the Wellness Center and knew someone slammed into my car- When I said I was not interested, she just hung up- I know the economy is horrible, but I felt bad that someone would do such a miserable job, although the call was very much unappreciatedcalls everyday- i called back the number and some lady answered- when i asked what company they were, she told me she was unable to provide me with that info due to security purposes- sh told me it was a personal matter they needed to speak with me about- none the less they couldnt pronounce me name right-how personal, right- i told her i dont speak personal matters with people i dont know- then i got hung up on- not surprised Thought you might like to know this call is a telemarketing call from a company called Merchant Associates out of Los Angeles California they call us continuoulsly even though we have told them we are not interested- Hope this helps Lafayette Insurance - Joe Couch Builder Dr- Ste- , Lafayette, IN () - Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Business, Life, and Health Insurance - Lafayette Indiana- We offer excellent customer service and great rates Insurance Company, Home Insurance Service, Business Insurance, Business Insurance Agency, Car Insurance www-mylafayetteinsurance-com All units locate and find all money scammers involving Michael Benjamin Bay, J-J- Abrams, Doug Jung, Justin Lin, and anyone who is working with Bad Robot, Michael Bay dot com, and Sky Dance Productions- Monitor all major highways if suspects are being chased by local law enforcement and assist, called me x's today threatening me, but called my sister-in-law x's today, threatening her that if she doesn't give him info about me she is going to face legal action and be in big trouble, and told her I have hours to call them or they will have me arrested- waiting for the jerk to call me back so I can quote him the fair debt collection practices act and advise him I am filing a lawsuit against him for violating federal collection laws This call is a scam- Sounds like an out of country turn around call back scam- Try returning call and you will get a can't complete call from the phone system- Please call your designated phone service provider and report this number as a scam I keep getting calls from this number at least once sometimes twice a day- Nobody ever says anything and sometimes hangs up before I do- I am on both the national and local do not call lists but this doesn't seem to be preventing the unwanted calls- I hope this will help Getting calls from this number at least times a day or more at work and home- I totally ignore it and they never leave a message- Don't know anyone from that area so I know that this is a scam in the making- Totally ridiculous and stupid Monica called and left a voicemail stating that I had a complaint filed against me in the state of Utah concerning a false disability claim with social security- Social Security has not record of this call and I do not have anything pending or filed with Social Security The person calling herself Grace Rubinstein (if it's the same person) has a history of debt scamming calls on notes-Short History of Grace Rubinstein: Grace Rubenstein calls from:, Claiming to represent something called: Mc Cauley Davidson- Also Dave Evans and Associates- Also claims to be vaguely associated with state agencies, (whocallsme-com Phone-Number-aspx ) Niagara Restitution Services, also Mc Cauley Davidson & Associates___________________________________, Niagara Restitution Services THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED-Niagara Restitution Service Phone: () -Fax: () -View Additional Phone Numbers PO Box , Amherst, NY email www-niagararestitutionservice-com (Non-existent or removed webpage)BBB® F Rating On a scale of A to F________________________________________, Brown-Meyers Associates THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED-Brown Meyers & Associates LLCPhone: () - N French Rd Ste , Buffalo, NY BBB® NR Rating On a scale of A to F________________________________________, Niagara Restitution Services Mc Cauley Davidson (In Facebook with no address other than Amherst New York, a hotbed for New York Buffalo Bullies-)My best guess, is, that if you are looking for the source of this number you'd try Niagara Restitution Service- If the phone is still workinggot a call from man who sounded like he was from india- said they were calling everyone with microsoft windows because my computer might be infected and hard drive would be ruined- after he had me open many folder the last one was from ammyy-com- said i needed this program to save my computer- asked for his phone number and was given , i hung up and said i would call that numer- checked google for more information- he even had the nerve to call me back (from a different number) to see if I verified his call- advised I new he was a scammer and was reporting him I Received a call from this# several times everyday I am now home and trying to end my day and week- I have just received a call and when I told the rep that I was not interested he continued on with his speil- I told him at least times and to remove me from any list you have me on- He then continued to speed dial me evrey time my phone hung up he called back dozen of times and said he will continue to harrass me and my husband until we stop and listen to his speech- He told us he will put our # on an automatic speed dial and WILL be called times a day- This is pure HARRASSMENT I have the right to refuse any call that comes to my phone and for some to think this is exceptable business pratice this is- I then called the police to trace this # and the phone company- I will call the BBB on MOnday and continue with pressing HARRASSMENT charges regarding this company, ALLIED INTERSTATE - I called the # that says we want to help call us and we got harrassed some more- Who do these people think they are and how is this exceptable I have done the DO NOT CALL blocks how do you still get through?with lure-guard you can safely cover your sharp and leader holder, fishing tackle, bananastrings™ is made to be right there for you when the action gets hot.plus it’s the easy organized way to pack up all the gear and close down to head home after a long day of fishing…, bracelet, hill, tribe, knives, gold, scrimshaw, maho, drusy, nepal, tibet, gemstone, masks, larimar, african, petroglyph, junction, mongoose, artifacts, gallery, sterling, john, silver, caravan, caribbean, chensey, kenny, wiring, home, lighting, theater, light, fixtures, irrigation, pump, mounting, outlets, cable, heater, water, small, jobs, more, dimmers, control, speakers, telephone, automation, audio, additions, landscape, ceiling, exhaust, fans, security, recessed, residential, commercial, service, change, transfer, switches, services, remodeling, generator, protection fishing gear provided. highlands nj fishing charter new jersey fishing season fish type review ..bottom fishing & canyon fishing..bottom fishing, trolling, offshore, and near shore fishing for snapper, grouper, king and spanish mackerel and much more!, trout, mackerel, fishing, amberjack, spanish, shark, speckled, sheephead, trigger, fish, bliner, redfish, flounder, white, grouper, charter, deep, florida, city, captain, panama, snapper, affordable, capt, king, straight, harrison, island, pender, shell, charter, chartering, tours, water, gulf, north, haro, georgia, maple, south, galliano, cowichan, active, vancouver, pass, little, cove, deep, port, cedar, grove, cleaning, docks, marinas, saanich, isle, saltspring, fuca bed & breakfast is an upscale, luxurious b&b that offers travelers a secluded, relaxing riverfront setting for a weekend getaway, change of scenery, sports or cultural events, family occasions, local college events and more!I applied for a job at Office Depot through the DWS located in Ogden, Utah- I was then hit with multiple emails from Findly & The Hive "on behalf of Office Depot and Office Max which are legitimate companies within the USA- When I went on the live Chat I realized that the person on the other end had very limited command and knowledge of English- She then gave me a telephone number to contact Office Depot's Human Resources Department directly- The problem is that when doing a reverse telephone number search through White Pages-com that number was not listed for "privacy reasons" and the number is also in yet a different city and county in Florida- Here is the probing question I have for all of you out there in cyber-space- Would a legitimate company operating within the boundaries of the USA have a private telephone number?

Not on your life, people The incoming call came from , Goggling this number takes you to Health Shack, a company in California that helps store medical information- The number the text asked me to call back - Direct Express Notice at , is, of course, in Atlanta- SCAMMERSI've been getting texts from this # in response to my CL ads for household items for sale I posted- It is always a generic reply,"saw your ad for item, if you still have it reply to (an email address), this is my friend's phone," Looks like spam to me- I've never replied and blocked the #, but messages still show up My parents received a call from someone calling from , offering to fix their computer cause they can see there are "lots of problems with it"- They asked for the IP address adn then a credit card number to which they needed to charge to fix "the problem"- They said they're calling from Tech Budda and the person's name is Arer or something like that-This is a complete scam- There is nothing wrong with my parent's computer and especially not someting someone cuold see over the phone without ever seeing the computer- They're praying on unsuspecting elderly peoplenot only did this stinkin number keep calling my house phone but THEN it called my daughter's CELL phone #??????

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you’ll be pleased with a very courteous, friendly, and reliable crew to guide you.

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we dispatch every day for fast hassle free service across the uk and offer worldwide delivery.ing, rug yarn punch needle kits, christmas projects, trivet & coasters kits. is a family owned american business, that for over 40 years has been the leading manufacturer of the finest needlecraft fabrics and hobbycraft products offered at affordable prices.

Got a call from this number too, male with a heavy middle eastern accent could barley understand the company he said he was with j-hall or jmar or j something and assosiates- said i owed from a company called first cash, never heard of them asked for more info said didnt have it but i was being sued, but if i wanted more info to meet a lawyer in front of the court house to see what im being charged with, actually gave me a court date, which i called the court house and it never existed- Idiot said i was being charged criminally if i owed money its a civil thing and the court address he gave wasnt even in the right county where i lived told him thought it was a scam and hung up, he then he called back and threatned me he had some public information on me and tried to scare me with the fact that he knew so much about me, first time ive recived a call from this number its a scam please please do not give them any information if you owe money they have to file legally phone number , also assosiated with it By law in Eastern states phone calls are a loud from AM to PM-Most collections agencies work off of a dialer the computer dials the phone numbers that's why you are saying ello before the colletor can here you-Each collector has their own way of collecting some are to agressive some are pure professional this is motivation to help consumers to resolve their matters-If you are in collections send a cease and desist letter stating not to call- I hope this helps They call over and over and over and over- They already know my situation- I can pay payments one time a month- This makes one late and the other early- My other paycheck is used for mortgage, light bill, etc- They cannot get it thru their heads that I need to pay once a month, so they call and call and call and call until I make the payments at one time- They also call all my references, which is an insult, since I've talked with them and told them my situation- I sent them an email recently and told them that the laws in our state prevent them from harassing me at work and harassing my references and I requested they set up my payments for once a month- I also said I will be speaking with the police to see what can be done about them harassing me and my references- The only reason I used them in the first place is because I don't have good credit (because of a lemon car, loss of job, etc-) These people are way over the top harassing The call me today.saying the were the irs n were trying to collect a debt or I wld be arrest . If he is or working with the irs he should have all the information. I hung up n blocked the number They called me saying I needed to call back in a very menicing voice- The man said it was very important- and it was not a sales call- I did not return the call but someone who may be scared- would and give them what ever they wanted This number is just one of that I have, for at least sites selling prescription meds So they are all owned by the same people- I called each one after my card being ripped off from them for - usd and now no one will answer- but there are only a few people ,maybe a family thing, that are available for all the sites tied to these numbers- Norah she is the first one i spoke with who then transfered me to the sales man names raphial I recorded all the calls so i wiish I could upload themto this site (not sure what good that will do- I just want me meds or my money back- BEWARE here are the other numbers, AFTER RINGING TIMES A MESSAGE COMES ON SAYING WELCOME TO VERIZON, THE WIRELESS COSTOMER U ARE TRYING TO REACH IN NOT AVAILABLE-which leads me to believe they are most likely pre-paid phones- just speculating This no has called me several times in the last couple of days- It appears to be a computer generated number as when I called it back all I got was wierd noises- Believe it was some telemarketer who couldn't thru to me and then setup a computer to dial me every half hour on June I have been getting random calls like this from all over the US since i had a keylogger malware virus impact my pc after I clicked on a fake Linked In request- The malware virus was downloaded via a -ru website address (Russian) and within minutes I received the first of these spam type calls- They have called both my cell number and my private number - which they could have only gotten from data they downloaded from my pc- If these people call you - do not give any details- SOmehow I believe Americans data is being sold on a blackmarket to telemarketers like this trying to 'fill in the blanks' of personal data to use for things like identity theft, etc- HOmeland Security - where are you? They call sometimes, appears to be some kind of marketing scam, when I answered the phone it said "Verizon wireless you have been awarded - I hung up-"I don't even have a Verizon account, I called the number back and an automated answering machine said "thank you for calling Lifestyle Liv" a member of our team will be with you shortly-I hung up again, Even if they paid me I don't want or need a phone from verizon- lol Caller ID said "Mass Commonwealth" which usually means STATE BUSINESS- Didn't recognize the number and waited for them to start leaving a message with answering machine, but they hung up when answering machine picked up- I could tell it was a LIVE person on the other end; not a robodialer- This is RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL for a state employee NOT to leave a message like this- WHO ARE YOU? Do you expect me to make a LONG DISTANCE CALL back to you to find out WHY YOU called ME???

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    In the negotiations, the debt settlement company and the creditors agree to a lump-sum settlement for a fraction of the amount due.

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    Later scholars have invoked both Babylonian mathematics and music theory in an attempt to explain this passage.

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    I think that you're attempting to sort of raise something together and put your time and effort into treating this little critter well and making sure you love it.