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They went separate ways a few years after the birth of their son. She not only hosts some of the most famous Italian shows, she is also an accomplished actress, having played in movies like "Il Mio West", with David Bowie and Harvey Keitel, and many sitcoms.

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Before that, she arrived second place in two beauty pageants (losing one to her cousin Francesca Lodo).But contrary to almost all of them, she actually asked for a reduction of her generous size.Alessia followed the path traced by many other Italian showgirls and dated for a long time one of Italian football superstars: Filippo Inzaghi.After her stint at Striscia la Notizia, she went on hosting a few more TV show, gained further notoriety with her calendar and enjoyed an acting career in the tv show "Carabinieri" and in the show of improv theatre "Buona la Prima".Michelle Hunziker was born in Switzerland in 1977, but has since obtained Italian citizenship.Just a glance to the picture in this article and you will recognize her instantly: that picture is all over the internet, and for a good reason.

Born in Cagliari in 1982, Giorgia is one of the many "Daughters of Sardinia" that took Italian television by storm, showing to everybody how gourgeous the girls hailing from Sardinia are.

She was then 16; it is said that her parents covered the walls of their family-run pizzeria in Riccione with photos of her.

Since then she's appeared as co-presenter and guest in numerous tv shows, had photos taken for many calendars, and was perhaps one of the first young women in Italy's show business to have a footballer as boyfriend, AC Milan's Billy Costacurta.

Her gorgeous smile has instantly won her the affection of the Italian tv audience.

Michelle started her career very young: at just 18 she already was famous for being one of the most sought after fashion models, for being the face, or rather, the backside, of the Italian lingerie brand Roberta and for her marriage with one of the most famous Italian pop singers of the time: Eros Ramazzotti.

Marrying Eros Ramazzotti transformed Michelle from well known model to instant superstar.