Updating odbc

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Updating odbc - weight lifting dating dating sport

NET introduces is the replacement of the ADO Recordset object with a combination of the is that it has no knowledge of the underlying data source that might have been used to populate it. Native providers are normally provided by the actual database supplier and provide interfaces to specific databases.

Unfortunately in the real world, we need to handle unexpected situations.Not any database can understand any VFP code, and you can include usage of VFP commands in SQL.But as you can make cursors updatable you can work on them with VFPs SQL commands, the only additional thing to do is to then update the remote database from the buffered changes via TABLEUPDATE(). I thought that it was a feature of VFP that its statements allow you to apply SQL to a table directly.Finally, I'm not sure why you have a dot in front of z Handle. In Detail: You don't find your data, as you don't use the next parameter of SQLExec allowing you to give the result a VFP name.If you don't do so data arrives in a cursor named "query1", IIRC.Is it possible that I have to use SQLEXEC commands - is that the standard way to communicate with an SQL database from VFP? Thanks as always But, of course, all that the above line does is to update the local cursor within VFP. If that's what you want to do, then you have to use SQLEXEC() to send the UPDATE command: in the WHERE clause, because My SQL won't know about RECNO() - of course, you must substitute whatever condition is appropriate here.

You'll also see I've used single quotes around XYZ, because you are already using double-quotes for the command itself. Mike __________________________________ Mike Lewis (Edinburgh, Scotland) Visual Fox Pro articles, tips and downloads In short: Yes.

The exception thrown will be an Now that we can enter a query at the command line, our application must handle queries that do more than just create result sets.

However this command does not work, because VFP looks for a table table1.dbf, and prompts for its folder. I would mention that I have done a lot of work with traditional VFP databases, but I am not familiar with the SQL approach.

In My SQL like in T-SQL the function to create a GUID is NEWID(). It may be okay to fetch 1000 records, but if your data grows you don't want to fetch all data just because a user wants to edit a single customer name. When is one able to use the SQL versions of commands such as UPDATE and DELETE directly, rather than via this extra level of interpretation?

Well, you have understood half of my explanation very well, the code I gave indeed overcomecomes the separation of the cursor and the table, all the properties set make the cursor updatable.

SET MULTILOCKS ON CURSORSETPROP('Buffering',5,'cur Data') CURSORSETPROP('Send Updates',. Not really wishing to justify myself, but I only included the "WHERE RECNO() = 1" clause as an example of a filter !

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