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“After each visit, we became more and more enamored.The staff, the location, the decor and design, the amazing back patio, the coffee roaster and the overall vibe are all just great.

The café, which served house-roasted coffee and pastries baked on site, was opened by Eric Lindgren in 2013, but as we reported on Nosh in 2015, just two years later, Lindgren put the café up for sale.

We are covering alternative, underground, non-commercial and non-mainstream artists in variety of shapes and genres. I was also a subscriber to Alan Betrock's fanzine "The Rock Marketplace" which also colored my musical influences with bands and artists including the Creation, Left Banke, John's Children, The Herd, Big Star, and Curt Boettcher.

It was there that I discovered the music of the Small Faces, Touch, the Who, the Stooges, along with composers Debussy, Satie, Stravinsky, and Varese.

He told Nosh that after getting married, he and his husband had new plans for their lives.

Although there were several inquiries about buying the business, none stuck, and Lindgren and his eponymous café stayed put.

When Nosh spoke with Eric Lindgren in 2015 about selling the café, he mentioned hoping the new owner(s) would retain some of his employees.

Asked if this might happen, Snyderman said, “We are hoping that the staff will stay on and have told Eric that that is our plan.In fact, their goal is the reason for the café’s name.In its press release, Way Station Brew is described as “a spot where friends can gather, converse, rejuvenate and fortify themselves for the next step in life’s daily journey.” It also refers to local historical trivia: back in the 1800s, there was an actual streetcar station at the intersection of Dwight and Shattuck.Like Lindgren’s, Way Station Brew will roast its own coffee, but will expand its food offerings.Snyderman has brought on Chef Jeremy Weiss, who he worked with at Elite Café, to develop Way Station’s menu.[It’s] very rare to have so many components line up like that,” said Snyderman.

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