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In his music carrier he has been a member of many different bands, including TNT, Moving Parts, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

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We’ll update this story with developments as they come.Bookmark Berkeleyside NOSH for East Bay food news and stories, and follow Berkeleyside NOSH on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.It's Psychedelic Baby is an independent, music magazine. While attending my first year of college in 1972 at Tufts Universtiy in Boston, I discovered the 13th Floor Elevators which totally blew my mind.Their plan is to transform the café into a new café called Way Station Brew.Snyderman is the former owner of San Francisco Pac Heights restaurants Elite Café and Alta Plaza.We came by to visit many times ‘as customers’ and quickly knew it was the spot,” Snyderman said.

Although they were originally not familiar with Lindgren’s, with each visit, they were convinced it was the right fit for their new project.

Fast forward two more years and now Lindgren has sold the café and can finally start that new chapter of his life.

We heard from Peter Snyderman and Warren Spicer, the new owners who will be taking over the space at 2120 Dwight Way.

He told Nosh that after getting married, he and his husband had new plans for their lives.

Although there were several inquiries about buying the business, none stuck, and Lindgren and his eponymous café stayed put.

We are covering alternative, underground, non-commercial and non-mainstream artists in variety of shapes and genres. I was also a subscriber to Alan Betrock's fanzine "The Rock Marketplace" which also colored my musical influences with bands and artists including the Creation, Left Banke, John's Children, The Herd, Big Star, and Curt Boettcher.