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This year, as part of the annual anti-Valentine’s day campaign, a Muslim youth group called on Muslim women to avoid using emoticons in text messages and refrain from wearing “excessive” fragrance in the presence of a man that is not a relative.

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And for disappointed Christians, this is only one example of increasing Islamization in the country.Islam in Malaysia has become more conservative in recent years and the reach of hardline religious authorities is increasing.Fatwas (the rulings of religious scholars) have taken on all the force of law.Instead the agents found her father, mother, and brother. “Their powers are similar to that of a police investigating a civil offense, i.e murder,” according to Malaysian lawyer Fahri Azzat.That happened in April 2016; she has not yet received yet an official apology. In December, officials broke into a police officer’s apartment on the fourth floor.Aiming to catch the lovers in an inappropriate situation, five agents cut off the safety grill of her family penthouse duplex and broke the fireproof door to go in.

But Faye was not even there: she was out with a friend. False and inaccurate denunciations are a recurring pattern, a particularly concerning trend given the authority of Malaysia’s religious officers, who investigate violations of the sharia code.A few weeks ago the Department of Islamic Development recommended that the pretzel franchise Auntie Anne rename their “Pretzel dog” to a “Pretzel sausage” to receive a halal certificate (signifying foods that are allowed to be eaten according to Islam).Only Muslims can use the word Allah, the Arabic word for God, even though it is also a Christian term for describing their own deity.In Malaysia, about 60 percent of the population is Muslim, most of them ethnic Malay.But many others, including many Malaysians of Chinese and Indian descent, or members of indigenous tribes, are Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, or non-religious.The 1957 Constitution in theory guarantees religious freedom for non-Malays, but at the same time Islam is the religion of the state.