Dating sites hacked

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Dating sites hacked - I want some sex chat conversations

After all, the only information you’re directly privy to is who your potential paramour has collaborated with during office hours.As CEO Max Fischer explains, “There’s a greater element of accountability with linking through your Linked In profile.

But according to Russo, who wrote to Grumo Media with his side of the story, he merely spotted and reported the breach to Frind.

Dating apps are divided into two categories – those that use Facebook or Linked In to verify your identity, and those that don’t. It’s well established that Tinder meshes so well with Facebook that users can track you down to your Facebook profile in a matter of minutes.

For a multitude of reasons (usually associated with your Facebook privacy settings), that’s not desirable for multitudes of people – who wants a potential date checking out when you last updated your relationship status?

Russo goes on to say that he was in talks to work with Russo as a security analyst, when Frind changed his tune: While we were creating the legal documents in order to proceed, Markus Frind got progressively more aggressive and unresposive with us, and told us to speak with their employees, Kate and Jay, because there was a serial killer, murdering people from the website.

Someone alleging to be Russo posted a video to You Tube explaining how the hack was executed.

Hey Later, as Frind recalls, he talked to Russo again, who at this point said he has a business partner named "Luca" in a security company that will help them prevent further breaches. Russo then asked for "complete access" to all of their "source code and SQL servers" and asked Frind to sign a contract, claiming he knows where the hacked data is.

Eventually, Russo asked for ,000 to fix the breach.

Think about it – don’t put anything in a dating app that isn’t already public knowledge, unless you really don’t mind it becoming public knowledge (such as a preference for fly-fishing).

You might find yourself pouring your heart out onto the profile page in a way you wouldn’t even do after five shots of mezcal.

Researchers at the University of Carolina found that users who did change their passwords more frequently tended to use variations on a theme of previous passwords, thereby making them easier to hack.

Instead, it’s better to create a more complex password which you change less often.

You’ve heard it a hundred times, but avoid obviously memorable dates – your birthday, or that of a close friend or relative.