Dating sites hacked

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Dating sites hacked - bigtime dating site

The best passwords contain a combination of letters, numbers and other characters if possible, and are not repeated on other sites.

You might find yourself pouring your heart out onto the profile page in a way you wouldn’t even do after five shots of mezcal.Let’s face it: in 2016, we are all at risk of a data hack, whether our devices are storing state security secrets, or the phone numbers of three girls we’d love to more than virtually click with.And what, with the NSA ever working its global surveillance project, plus the evidence that even the encryption credentials of https, VPN and 4G are fallible, it’s enough for any man of dignity and a few dodgy internet searches in his browser to retreat into Luddite tactics of only hitting the local pub in want of a date. RELATED: Avoid Malware And Hacking With These Tips On How To Watch Porn Safely Out of the Adult Friend Finder hack came the revelation of multiple UK government email addresses used to register accounts.It can ensure users with plenty of mutual connections are on their most courteous behaviour.But on the other hand, if you mess up, your story might just become the subject of water cooler conversation." The other option is to use an app that doesn’t require a Facebook account – such as Ok Cupid or Plenty of Fish.And what if you don’t want your friends on Facebook to know you’re propositioning a mutual connection, especially when it hasn’t even come off yet?

That’s why an app like Be Linked that verifies you through Linked In might be preferable.

Basics: don’t use your work or personal email address when you register with the site; it takes two minutes to set up a brand new account on Gmail and you know you’re only going to be receiving junk notifications anyway, which you really don’t want sending to your daytime desktop.

It’s amazing how many people don’t use top-notch passwords – a Facebook hack this week revealed that a whopping 120,000 people actually used 123456 as theirs.

Plus, with Ok Cupid, there’s an extensive sexual preferences survey, which most people seem to find entertaining on a lonely Friday night.

These kinds of apps give you more control over your privacy, just as long as you exercise some self-control.

Popular dating site Plentyof was hacked last week, exposing user information for thirty million users.

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