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The System is making a guess — and it’s testing that hypothesis over and over again.

Think of all the information Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have about you.

In the love industry, we say that matchmaking is the world’s second-oldest profession.

People have always and will always want help finding love and companionship.

Usually we rank things from worst to best, but there are no bad episodes of the show.

So here's every episode of "Black Mirror," ranked from good to mind-blowing.

If they knew upfront that rebellion was an option, it wouldn’t work — they would opt out of it as soon as they got stuck with someone they didn’t like. Which in a way is a strong argument for technology that’s “smarter” than us misguided humans.

Watching them settle for all of these terrible matches with this blind optimism that it’ll all work out in the end — that’s what happens everyday with the 40 million singles in the U. Ultimately it’s the human element that wins out, even in this version of the future.

That's not surprising, as most shows on cable television that prominently feature naked people generate headlines.

This time, the reality dating series is getting attention not due to controversy, but instead a cancellation.

To me, one of the most fascinating aspects of this episode is that the characters don’t know they’re being put through this really elaborate test.

They think they don’t have any choice but to trust The System.

Better than you could do for yourself when you’re drunk swiping on Tinder! Dating app Hinge launched a bot you can pay extra for that will do all the searching, messaging and scheduling for you. That’s the goal of AI, to be a flawlessly programmable version of you. If you can’t be bothered to figure out how to send a message to another human, how do you figure out all the other, much more complicated bits?

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