Quiet guys are intimidating

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Quiet guys are intimidating

He's under the impression that everyone cares how much he's lifting, and wants us to know that any other day he could have made the lift.If you see this, make sure to avoid eye contact, otherwise you'll end up hearing a lengthy, bullsh*t explanation for the travesty you have just witnessed. If you even this might apply to you, buy some new pants. No matter what weight this guy is using, or what rep he's on, he feels the need to share his pain with us.

This guy, for one reason or another, lives by the cable stack. I'm all for cardiovascular fitness, but I believe that unless it involves hittin' something, men do not belong in aerobic classes. 20 years ago, Right Tackle dominated the field on his high school football team.

I thought about the gyms I've belonged to and some of the people I've had the of working out alongside.

We've all seen them, worked out next to them, and complained to our buddies about them - those guys who do things in the gym that are dangerous, worthless, annoying, or just plain stupid.

What I don't get is the guy shadowboxing in front of the dumbbells.

My gym has no boxing equipment, not even a place to jump rope, yet Rocky comes here three times a week to get ready for Apollo.

Chat boy wants to discuss lifting, eating, or life in general with you, often in great detail.

Now, I have nothing against conversation, especially workout talk, but chat boy doesn't know when to stop and turns a one-hour workout into two.I was having a conversation awhile ago with my younger brother but, to be honest, I can't remember what it was about.I had just mentioned something I was going to do, something cheesy (yet in my mind harmless), and he uttered these words to me: "Don't be that guy." Which guy, you ask?The one who does something cheesy, and knows it (or should), yet keeps on doing it.Once I started thinking about it, my mind drifted to the gym.For all the talk about gym etiquette and all the information available on exercise form, these guys somehow still don't get it and are constantly annoying or amusing us.

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