Taylor lautner dating demi lovato

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actress rode with Taylor to the service together and met up with some mutual friends for the night.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivia Holt This doesn’t mean Olivia and Taylor are an item, however, a source confirms to JJJ that Olivia is no longer dating her recent boyfriend, Ray Kearin. After attending the service, Taylor and Olivia left together in his vehicle.

They have done a good job at keeping themselves out of the spotlight over the years, meanwhile supporting his dreams and raising him up to be a responsible guy with a good work ethic.Here is what Both 16 and both in Vancouver – Selena Gomez arrived in town last week to begin work on a new movie called Ramona and Beezus. My sources tell me exclusively that she and Taylor Lautner, of Twilight of course, have had dinner 3 times now, and that he’s been visiting her onset at her lunch hour when he’s not shooting. Let me take it one step further: One night they went to the Spaghetti Factory! Billie’s parents are major players in the entertainment industry.Her father, Bryan Lourd, is a partner and Co-Chairman at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), while her mother is Carrie Fisher of “Star Wars” fame.Lautner, 17, has also visited Gomez, 16, on the set of her flick, fan though," she gushed.

"I'm a big Robert Pattinson fan, which I know if I met Taylor, he would not be a fan of me not saying he's my favorite, but I really do love Rob."Meanwhile, Stone and Gomez have plenty to celebrate today., spits out quite the loogie after returning home from another rigorous workout in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 20).A few weeks ago, the 16-year-old actor said that he packed on 20 pounds of muscle for the new role and guaranteed he’d add another 10.The Disney Channel just announced that , which premieres on Disney on June 26.So should Gomez and Lautner reconsider this "just friends" thing?His mother works for a software development company, while his father was a Midwest Airlines pilot.