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It may take time to find it, and you may need a flashlight.You may need to move the carriage all the way to the left or right and look at the area revealed (especially on Royals); lift up the ribbon cover and peer at the inner frame of the machine (especially on Smith-Corona portables and '50s Remington portables); look in a corner of the slotted panel behind the keyboard (earlier Remington portables); or look at the bottom of the typewriter.

(Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage.) If it is an office-sized typewriter with an enclosed frame (covered in sheet metal), it's after 1930.

Electronic typewriters with a daisy wheel date from the 1970s at the earliest.

The monetary value of a typewriter can't be determined precisely, because there are relatively few collectors and the market is always changing.

Good ribbons are available from the sources listed below.

Your local office supply store may also have ribbons for manual typewriters (ribbons intended for printing calculators may also work, but they tend to be inked too heavily).

Furthermore, the condition of a typewriter affects its value significantly.

To further complicate things, there are literally hundreds of makes of typewriter that are of value to a collector, ranging from machines to ,000 machines.Baco Ribbons makes ribbons in many sizes, colors, and materials. I supply pictures of spools to help determine what the customer needs.Contact Charlene Oesch, Baco Ribbon & Supply Co., 1521 Carman Road, Ballwin, MO 63021, 314-835-9300, fax 636-394-5475, e-mail [email protected] We ship anywhere in the world." Earl De Barth, of telephone number 215-855-6851, am to pm ET, e-mail [email protected], has the material for the 25 mm and wider ribbons.If it's painted in crinkle paint (with tiny wrinkles), it's usually from the late thirties or the forties.Postwar typewriters (that's World War II we're talking about) can be recognized by various signs: U. patent numbers above 2,400,000; extensive use of plastic; and keys that are not circular, but are rounded-off rectangles. This also goes for other modern electric machines that use a single type element (such as the Selectric "golf ball").Other US manufacturers are Fine Line Ribbon in Ennis, TX and in Santa Fe Springs, CA. in New Jersey carries ribbons for virtually all typewriters: Phone 732-431-1464 after 11 AM Eastern, or e-mail [email protected] He has no spools, so requests that the purchaser send him a spool on which to wind the "new" ribbon.

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