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I simply have no control over my life.’ Nagging doesn’t work – on yourself or on anyone else!

#scipoljobs edu/postings/41990 This Valentine's day we have a special treat for you - Speed Dating with Scientists!Churches will struggle to cope and there won’t be enough house groups for all the new believers.I want Christian radio to be there covering the whole nation so that when these new believers lose their peace, when they have doubts, whether it be three in the morning or three in the afternoon, they’ll be able to switch on the radio, hear my word, and find encouragement.” With the notion of Christian radio in the UK both legally prohibited and practically impossible, United Christian Broadcasters (the name Ian had brought with him from New Zealand and Rhema) headed for the Isle of Man where they signed a three-year contract with Manx Radio to broadcast 10 till 2 every night while the island’s national station was off-air. Stanford is growing its cyber program in a big way: 3 new cyber jobs in our program.This is a great encouragement for me & all the team @CTBTO_alerts working to detect & end #nuclear tests. This week, Jared Dunnmon provided us with an overview of NC2 and surety in outer and cyber space.There’s been many more developments along the way of sharing God’s Word throughout our nation – so we’ll start at the very beginning: The origins of Christian broadcasting in the United Kingdom can be traced to the southern hemisphere.

In 1961, while fitting an aerial to receive Ecuador’s HCJB (a gospel project dating back to the 1930s), Richard Berry sustained a back injury that led him to divine healing and a determination to establish Christian radio in his native New Zealand.

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npwg.berkeley.edu/events pic.twitter.com/y60c O2PHs P [email protected] Nat Sec is hiring a Program Manager.

“They don’t want it,” God told Ian, “But I want it.

I love the people of the UK and I’m going to visit them in revival power.

Paul writes, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ That means you can change, and you can be different.