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UCB has been on a long, and at times, difficult journey.From 1986 when we first started broadcasting regionally, to 1994 when we started sharing God’s Word through the UCB Word for Today, and to 2009 when we were granted our first national DAB radio licence.

Less likely: Non-strategic nuclear weapon use for the purposes of de-escalation We're celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

More info: goo.gl/9p Zm Du Our annual #Science Diplomacy conference is coming up in September, and we've just opened up submissions for panel sessions. Gordon-Hagerty sworn in today by @Secretary Perry as @Energy Department Under Secretary for #Nuclear #Security and #NNSA Administrator. pic.twitter.com/86paiu QOCp Does North Korea have weapons for medium-range or intercontinental ballistic missiles? They haven’t demonstrated that they can do that." org/2Fj Jx3Y The 2018 Spring Student Conference is less then 2 months away!

Seehttps://lnkd.in/gi JCg9Sand look for cyber stuff. (Still also have a cyber research associate slot working directly with me - Job 77932 at…lnkd.in/gzpd Vn A lnkd.in/g Bs Jb5k.) #Nuclear News: Lisa E.

Texas A&M seeks 2 Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows: 1 post-doc, 1 junior faculty. @Siegfried Hecker @News Hour : "They have to be smaller. We're excited to share our promotional video highlighting this year's topic: The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Achievements, Aspirations and Challenges Ahead youtu.be/6K0KKAejv Do I am honoured & humbled to receive the 2018 @AAAS Science Diplomacy award.

Must have Ph D in a technical field (engineering, sciences) an interest in nuclear policy. Every day I see how science diplomacy can ease political tensions & facilitate exchanges.

There’s been many more developments along the way of sharing God’s Word throughout our nation – so we’ll start at the very beginning: The origins of Christian broadcasting in the United Kingdom can be traced to the southern hemisphere.

In 1961, while fitting an aerial to receive Ecuador’s HCJB (a gospel project dating back to the 1930s), Richard Berry sustained a back injury that led him to divine healing and a determination to establish Christian radio in his native New Zealand. Stanford is growing its cyber program in a big way: 3 new cyber jobs in our program.This is a great encouragement for me & all the team @CTBTO_alerts working to detect & end #nuclear tests. This week, Jared Dunnmon provided us with an overview of NC2 and surety in outer and cyber space.The National Security Institute is dedicated to finding real-world answers to national security law & policy questions, including #cybersecurity.#scipoljobs edu/postings/41990 This Valentine's day we have a special treat for you - Speed Dating with Scientists!Independent broadcasting was not allowed, and it took until 1978 for Radio Rhema to obtain a full licence.