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Europe was decimated of its Jewish population and Israel and America became the new major centers of Jewry.France, the Soviet Union and Hungary were the three Holocaust-hit countries left with reasonable populations.

While in the 13 years following the Holocaust the Jewish population grew by one million, it took another 38 years for it to grow another million.

The Jews from Arab Moslem countries went in the main to Israel, but not always.

The Algerian Jews, and also considerable numbers of Moroccans (75,000) and Tunisians (80,000), especially the more wealthy ones, went to France, doubling the French community from 300,000 to 600,000 overnight and creating a large Sephardic presence.

The war left 250,000 displaced Jews who were mainly supported by the Joint Distribution Committee until they could relocate. The Moslem countries emptied out, and the world Jewish population has continued to consolidate over time in fewer countries with large urban Jewish populations over time.

The main counter trend in Europe has been Germany, with a large Russian immigrant influx of over 100,000 Jews.

Most Klei Kodesh in Mexico today are from Argentina. In the same period, according to the study, the number of Jews in Israel would likely double, swelling to 10 million.

The study also anticipated a severe decline in the number of Jews in the former Soviet Union.

These sobering figures reflect how severely Jewish population growth has slowed down over the past 40 years.

Even a fertility increase of 0.4% will add millions of Jews over the next 50 years. As we know, the distribution of the Jewish population now is completely different from before WW II.

(The Algerian Jews had French citizenship already in Algeria and had automatic rights of immigration to France.) The vitality of Orthodoxy in France today is largely a result of these immigrants, giving France a high kiruv potential to this day.

Many people do not realize how large and vital the Jewish populations of these Moslem-Arab countries were, with our historical consciousness swamped by Holocaust and pre-Holocaust literature.

A number of these countries would make it to the top ten in numbers, were they to exist today.

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