Jewish boys dating arab girls

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The demonstration was picketed by members of Lehava, a Right-wing Jewish group that aggressively opposes assimilation between Jews and Arabs.

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Of course, you should be afraid of these people'.’’ Although the family is connected to both its Jewish and Arabic halves, they live in the Jewish western side of Jerusalem.What’s easier is for them to know the truth of who they are.” The family has faced racism in big and small ways.When they got into a legal dispute with their Jewish neighbours, the opposing side made sly references in court papers to the fact they were a mixed couple.“Everyone on the Left wants to have an Arab friend, but would they be comfortable with their daughter dating an Arab? The pair have different ideas about whether or not they should stay in Israel.Varda says her country is creeping towards totalitarianism and the family should move abroad, perhaps to Europe or to Canada.The marriage registry in Israel is controlled by the Orthodox chief rabbi who refuses to administer weddings for Jews who marry outside the faith.

Bringing up their three children has also involved compromises and improvisations.

Over the course of 16 largely happy years of marriage and raising children, the couple have had to vault hurdles thrown up by the Israeli state and their respective societies.

Amer is an Arab-Israeli, a Palestinian born in Israel and who holds Israeli citizenship.

The objectives of this research were to assess the prevalence and severity of dating violence among Jewish and Arab, male and female Israeli youths, to examine the sociodemographic variables related to dating violence among Israeli adolescents, and to assess whether the variables correlated with dating violence differ among Jewish and Arab, male and female youths.

The random sample consisted of 1357 students (640 Jewish and 717 Arab youths).

Males show higher mean scores of dating violence, but females are involved in every type of dating violence.

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