Professional dating agency edinburgh

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Professional dating agency edinburgh - vrouw oisterwijk dating

He says the agency means he can meet people in other cities.“So I can capitalise on social time, wherever I am,” he adds.

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We have a number of academics and land owners – a very broad mixture of people and a good balance of men and women.”In spite of the recent recession, Edinburgh’s reputation for above average earnings and its pool of well-heeled moneyed professionals persuaded the agency to expand into the city.Enjoys good restaurants, the best seats in the house and high performance cars.Seeks loving partner to share the trappings of success.”It could be the dating agency style profile for one of Berkeley International’s Edinburgh clients.“They could be spending a lot of money on a car or a holiday, and here they are meeting people who have been matched and checked out and it’s safe.”• makes it less complicated if we are in similar financial situations’“SUCCESSFUL international businessman, 49, healthy and comfortably off.Likes Edinburgh’s vibrant culture and country escapes.Or they meet someone they fancy and find they are a gold digger.“Gentlemen are finding it difficult to find the right calibre of lady.

“The nightclubs they go to are places they know they won’t find the calibre of lady they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

They want to keep it very private, so they come to us.”The organisation, which charges clients £25,000 if they want to broaden their search for love across Europe, rising to £40,000 if they are hunting even further afield, includes actors, entrepreneurs, media professionals, bankers, judges and academics among its clients.

But simply having a bulging bank balance and good job is no guarantee of being allowed to join the ultra- exclusive agency – for each member is carefully vetted, even down to their passport details, salary and personal likes, before being allowed to join.“We ensure people are the right kind of people.

They find they are not interacting with the people they may want to form a personal relationship with.

“Because they are high profile they don’t want to use the internet dating agencies.

Certainly if the man concerned were to throw his profile into the ring, there’d surely be no shortage of replies.