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We are not ‘’ or ‘cougars anonymous’,” Emma adds.For while the rest of us stress about finding enough spare cash to fund our night out, Emma points out that part of the rich man or wealthy woman’s problem at the nightclub or bar is finding someone who isn’t simply in it for their money.

“The nightclubs they go to are places they know they won’t find the calibre of lady they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

“I spend much of my working week at the moment travelling between my businesses, however I meet new people all of the time and I have a healthy social life.

“But the people I am meeting are likely to be work related and my social life is spent with close friends and not on the look-out for my future wife.”Emma says many of the agency’s clients are stuck in a similar rut. They work in a close bubble and have a small social bubble, too.

Certainly if the man concerned were to throw his profile into the ring, there’d surely be no shortage of replies.

Unfortunately, however, on the occasion that he did just that, his “perfect match” turned out to be slightly too close for comfort.“I once picked through the offerings on an online dating site and was horrified to see myself matched with one of my employees,” says the city businessman, who wants to remain anonymous.

The amount of money doesn’t bother them,” says Emma, who works with A-list clients across Scotland and the north of England.“In Scotland alone we have three to four hundred people on our books and it’s steadily growing all the time.

In Edinburgh we already have a pool of people going through the matching process.“What we’ve found are our members in Edinburgh are generally very busy and spend a lot of time travelling.

“I have nurtured my businesses which naturally takes time, the subsequent success of these finds me in a fortunate financial position,” he explains.

“I want to meet ‘my partner’, but work is not an environment where I can mix personal relationships, so I needed to find somewhere I can go to meet the right potential partner for me.”The company boss – who did not want to be named – has interests in the textile trade in Edinburgh, London and China.

They are in the financial industry, the legal profession, and a lovely mix of entrepreneurs who are very busy running their own businesses and maintaining them.

We have a number of academics and land owners – a very broad mixture of people and a good balance of men and women.”In spite of the recent recession, Edinburgh’s reputation for above average earnings and its pool of well-heeled moneyed professionals persuaded the agency to expand into the city.

“It’s not necessarily the places they go that are the issue,” says Emma, agreeing that Edinburgh has a wealth of quality bars and restaurants packed with high earners.

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