Java scripts for updating web pages

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Java scripts for updating web pages

Because Java Script can be used not only for front-end development but back-end development as well (thanks to Node.js), you can compress JS files with the zlib module for It’s super fast and easy to set up: Basically, you can see that the optimized code became longer because the variables mes were perlased with its value.

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If the browser sees a defer tag with Java Script code, it will not stop loading the DOM and CSSOM models.To get an idea of which CDN is best for your library, check out thousands of options at this site.Gzip is an amazing technology created back when the internet wasn’t as high-speed as it is today.All scripts with a defer tag will be loaded and run immediately Most developers use libraries like j Query UI or j Query Mobile as is.This means that the code includes all possible components of each library, when you may only need two or three.Java Script is a truly amazing tool for front-end programming, creating interactive, feature-rich websites and fast, seamless web applications.

Every front-end developer knows Java Script, but when used without caution or expertise, it can be a double-edged sword.

Minification accomplishes the latter, and can shrink file sizes to decrease page load times.

Line breaks, additional spaces, comments etc.—all of this increases the size of a Java Script file and affects the speed of page load. Machines are not sensitive to the visual style of code like a human would be.

Because javascript is a textual file, gzip can be used to compress Java Script files and also help to decrease page load times.

Check to see if your web server technology has support for gzip here: There are modules for some of the most famous web servers, including Apache and Nginx.

This second, encrypted version of the main Internet protocol can provide you with a lot of cool features, including the asynchronous download of external files, most notably Java Script.