Oracle updating cursor

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Oracle updating cursor - strabane dating

The article describes the Oracle cursors and their usage.There are two types of cursors: Implicit cursors and explicit cursors.

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PUT_LINE(‘Salary for KING is : ’

All SELECT statements and DML statements which affect single row, processed within PL/SQL block are classified as Single row implicit cursors.

All DML statements and cursor FOR loops, which affect multiple rows fall under the category of multiple row implicit cursors.

Example Code [2]: The PL/SQL block below contains single SELECT statement which selects salary of a single employee.

For developers, implicit cursor appears to be an abstract concept.

Only thing which is physically available and visible to them is the cursor status flags and information.

Have you tuned that SQL statement so that it effeciently pulls the data out of the database? Take the COMMIT out of the loop and see if that helps your performance.

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