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However, the ritual that resulted in their transformation does have similarities to how normal vampires are turned, in that they had to consume blood (in their case, the blood of the human Petrova doppelgänger Tatia which had been enchanted with an adapted version of The Immortality Spell by their powerful witch mother, Esther) before being killed while that blood was in their system.After the Originals awakened in transition, they fed on the blood of another human from their village and were officially transformed into the world's first true vampires, from which all other vampires were created.

However, at the very beginning of the 11th century, their family once again was stricken by the loss of one of their children when their youngest son Henrik was accidentally killed on a full moon after he and Klaus sneaked out of their home to watch the men from their village transform into wolves.This spell was foretold in a prophecy experienced by the witch and Seer Alexis regarding the possible deaths of the Originals, though it did not go exactly as the prophecy suggested.As a result of these events, only Rebekah's sireline is still linked to Rebekah, making every existing vampire is either from Rebekah's linked or Klaus' unlinked bloodline.In order to complete the transition into a vampire, the person must then consume a significant amount of human blood, at least a sip's worth, within the next twenty-four hours, or else they will die.Vampires can only feed on human blood in order to complete their transformation-- animal blood or vampire blood is not sufficient to finish the transformation from human to vampire.And while the Dancing With The Stars pro has been going through a break-up of her own -- splitting earlier this year with Ryan Seacrest -- Nina Dobrev insists that they've bonded over more than their failed romances.

That night, my father offered us wine laced with blood.Afterward, Mikael stabbed each of his children through the heart with his sword to kill them before presumably turning his blade on himself.When the Mikaelson children awakened, Mikael forced them to feed on the blood of a girl from their village, turning the six of them into the first immortal beings to exist since Silas and Amara became truly immortal in the 1st century BC, as well as the first known vampires to ever exist. But then, it was like electricity coursing through my body-- a million stars exploding in my mind all at once. "She called upon the sun for life and the ancient white oak tree, one of Nature's eternal objects, for immortality. Vampires are one of the many known supernatural species in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals universe that were created by Witches.Despite being warned of the consequences, Esther proceeded with their plan and asked Tatia, a Petrova doppelgänger and the object of both her sons Elijah and Klaus' affections, for a small amount of her blood to be used in the ritual.