Updating a gold frame

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Updating a gold frame - Cam4 modelo gratis online

And by bling I mean distressed vintage-inspired awesomeness.If you have any picture frames lying around waiting to be jazzed up, this project is perfect. Some were as cheap as 99 cents (poppin’ tags yo) and some I paid a little more at around $10.

And good luck with the sliding closet door project!

I always always check the frame section of thrift stores when I visit. From this point on, if you stand still long enough, I might slather you with a layer of chalk paint. And I discovered a little of that paint goes a long way. Paint on a layer of your top coat color of chalk paint.

I chose 6 total to distress for our wall- 4 thrifted and 2 from Hobby Lobby. And I originally thought they would be pretty in Olivia’s ballet theme room, but I swiped them for our living room instead…I know, shame on me…so greedy. And, y’all, I gotta say, I have found the elixer of life. I think I shyed away from it before because I was so scared of ruining a paint project and ending up with wasted funds. Annie Sloan projects are beautiful, but I can’t swing over for 8 ounces and potentially mess it up. See my beginner’s guide to chalk paint here.) BUT I found a super cheap alternative. Paint frames with a coat of your base color (the shade that will show underneath the distress finish). Don’t worry about painting into every cranny and crevice of your detail as that adds to the distressing.

I conducted a great deal of research into options for replacing them and everything I found was super expensive.

Closet doors are not cheap and even making our own would entail significant materials costs. I wasn’t sure if this would work, but it did and was a fix to a pretty hideous problem, which makes this our cheapest frugal home improvement project yet! And I suspect you aren’t either since you’re searching google for ways to make your 80’s gold sliding closet doors look nice for cheap. We’re busying saving money so that in 2017 we can quit our city jobs and move to a homestead in Vermont.

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It's easy and you can change & layer any of the finishes to suit your styling needs.

In the example below I didn't want to get rid of the gold entirely because I wanted the look of mixed metals, so I let a bit of gold peek out.

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