Battleclinic killboard not updating

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Battleclinic killboard not updating - Xxx adal

So these two features have been made the top priorities.

The funny thing about that is that most of those kills came within a very small time-frame, back in 2012 when I used to solo camp Lisb.That was during my "life is hell I may quit Eve at any second I only have ten minutes so I'm shooting everything that comes into system" Phase. I honestly can't remember flying it anytime during the last few years, but the site says I registered a kill in July last year.I'm not looking that up, but I wonder what that was about? I freely admit to being weird about my ships, I like to mix things up and I get bored flying the same things over and over again.We have additionally added an ISK sink the economy needs! Does the game really need more careful reading and a more complicated system just to get rid of some old fashioned character attributes? Please mind the new Neuroplasticity Enhancers would not allow to set attributes gradually like remaps do now; it's either maxed out, or no go at all. I happened to take a moment this morning to look at the new Battle Clinic Killboard layout. Despite the fact that it seems to have gone completely wonky on me, dropping me almost 200 places in the rankings and adding about 200 losses, it does have some features that are kind of cool. I play for personal satisfaction which is derived almost entirely on a fight-per-fight basis.Finally, share this link to easily distribute your codes.

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I am not anti-killboard, but I also do not allow them to dictate the way I play the game. That is pretty awesome in my opinion and none of the other sites have anything like it.

For a Pv P player like myself, it is rather interesting.

The messages section of the site is laid out like a real email account and that makes it really user friendly.

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I'm not going to (once again) rehash my position on Killboards, those should be well known by now. All killboards are wonked anyway and none of them agree on numbers, especially for those of us that have played for more than five years.

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