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The native Kansan later spearheaded Con Agra’s expansion into Canada and turned a struggling Saskatchewan wheat co-op into a global business valued in the billions of dollars.

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Schmidt later became president of Con Agra Grain’s Canadian operations.

Still, 'there's no question that there's job dislocation. 'The economic folks would say that you can see the job that's lost, but you very seldom can see the job that's created.'Schmidt also hit out as US Visa limits.

'The stupidest policy in the entire American political system was the limit on H-1B visas,' Schmidt said.'We want the best people in the world, regardless of any form of sex, race, country, what-have-you.

Schmidt, who also chairs the Defense Innovation Advisory Board, said the key difference was the importance the Chinese government put on AI - and slammed Donald Trump's administration for falling behind.'We need to get our act together, as a country…This is the moment when the [U.

S.] government collectively, and private industry, needs to say, 'these technologies are important.' In July, China unveiled its national plan for the future of artificial intelligence.'By 2020, they will have caught up. By 2030, they will dominate the industries,' Schmidt said.

And as Winston Churchill, I said ‘Will you marry me?

'"After Schmidt accepted the proposal, Oldman was called back on set—cutting the romantic moment short.

In 1980, Hydro One Ltd.’s future chief executive walked away from a three-year contract with the Dolphins to work in agribusiness.

It was a weighty decision for a 22-year-old, Schmidt said, but one he’s never regretted.

“He’s somebody that could absolutely work here at Avista.” As North America’s utility industry consolidates, it’s no surprise that companies are looking to cross-border deals, Schmidt said.

Hydro One wanted to grow, and most of the acquisition targets were in the U. Despite the 2,300 miles between Spokane and Hydro One’s headquarters in Toronto, “we share so much in common,” Schmidt said of the two utilities.

Schmidt’s background – including his familiarity with the Northwest – was pivotal in the deal.

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