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Armor dating - day dating and relationship plan

The ensuing trench warfare, which ended the usefulness of armoured cars, brought forth new proposals for tracked armoured vehicles.Most of these resulted from attempts to make armoured cars capable of moving off roads, over broken ground, and through barbed wire.

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Weapons mounted in tanks have ranged from single rifle-calibre machine guns to, in recent years, long-barreled guns of 120- or 125-mm (4.72- or 4.92-inch) calibre., when horse-drawn war chariots were used in the Middle East by the Egyptians, Hittites, and others as mobile platforms for combat with bows and arrows.After the war the French built 10 68-ton In the meantime, Britain took the lead, technically and tactically, in developing the mobility of tanks.Even before World War I had ended, work had started on the Medium D with a maximum speed of 20 miles (32 km) per hour.The concept of protected vehicles can be traced back through the wheeled siege towers and battering rams of the Middle Ages to similar devices used by the Assyrians in the 9th century John Fowler & Company armoured one of their steam traction engines for hauling supplies in the South African (Boer) War (1899–1902). The inevitable next step was a vehicle that was both armed and armoured.The first motor vehicle used as a weapon carrier was a powered quadricycle on which F. Such a vehicle was constructed to the order of Vickers, Sons and Maxim Ltd. Two years later a fully armoured car with a turret was built in France by the Société Charron, Girardot et Voigt, and another was built concurrently in Austria by the Austro-Daimler Company.Most French tanks survived into the postwar period; these were the Renault F. fitted well with traditional ideas about the primacy of the infantry, and the French army adopted the doctrine that tanks were a mere auxiliary to infantry. The only other country to produce tanks by the end of the war was Germany, which built about 20. Aware of the need for more powerful vehicles, if only for leading infantry assaults, the French army took the lead in developing well-armed tanks.

T., much more serviceable than their heavier British counterparts. France’s lead was followed in most other countries; the United States and Italy both assigned tanks to infantry support and copied the Renault F. The original 1918 French Schneider and Saint-Chamond tanks already had 75-mm guns, while the heavier British tanks were at best armed with 57-mm guns.The Vickers Mediums stimulated the Royal Tank Corps to develop mobile tactics, and various experiments during the 1920s and early ’30s resulted in the general adoption of two categories of tanks.Mobile tanks were intended for the role performed earlier by horse cavalry, while slower but more heavily armoured tanks provided infantry support.Between 19 the British Army ordered 160 of the new Vickers Medium tanks.They were virtually the only tanks the British Army had until the early 1930s and the only tanks to be produced in quantity anywhere in the world during the mid-1920s.The number of light tanks grew rapidly after 1929, as several countries started to produce armoured vehicles.

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