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The situation came to a head in the spring of 2010 during the divorce trial of her then-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, with allegations and accusations of home-wrecking, pregnancy and sex tapes. 9, 2010, when Fantasia attempted suicide by downing a bottle of aspirin. Her personal rebuilding began when she ­channeled that pain into her first Grammy-winning song, “Bittersweet” in 2011, but that was just the start of the healing process.

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Well Fanny’s finally revealing details on their courtship and sharing that they wed after only THREE WEEKS of dating.

She previously told PEOPLE she wasn’t interested in being with a guy who worked in the music industry.

with a man who has filed for divorce and minimize getting devastated.

I'm going to address this directly to women to avoid mental, emotional and physical trauma.

First ladies, he is married and married is married until a final divorce is decreed by the courts.

No matter how mean he tells you his wife is, how much he says she doesn't understand him, how much more he loves you compared to her, he is still in a legally binding contract with another woman who he most likely swore to be faithful to until death do they part.

It is especially hard to remember this if you have amazing chemistry or if he is wealthy or famous.A complaint filed by Cook’s wife, however, tells a different story.According to the legal papers, the couple, who married in October 2005 and have two boys together, Christian, 6, and Jackson, 2, only started living separately on June 16, 2010.So, even if he tells you his wife is a big meanie, he chose HER out of all the women he met to pledge his life to and she often hopes he will come back and they can be happy again.So, what do you do if you meet the most wonderful man?After all, he is so unhappy with her and says you make him so much more happy.