Lots of phish online dating

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Lots of phish online dating

A user on a dating site may list his or her credit card information, but compared to a bank account with tons of money, a home address and a social security number, the risk/reward balance at a dating site seems unfavorable.However, dating sites provide phishers with a unique opportunity to prey on the emotionally vulnerable.

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Researchers at the Netcraft Internet security blog discovered 862 phishing scripts making the rounds at popular sites, and only eight of them targeted banks.Users most likely to respond list: We would love to hear from you.It has its strongest following in Canada and the U.Since real people are behind these schemes, they're not as easy to spot as scam profiles.If you have an account on a dating site, be aware of suspicious emails that come your way, and never click on a link if you're unsure of the sender; enter the URL manually instead.MORE: 10 Best Dating Apps" data-reactid="24"MORE: 10 Best Dating Apps The scripts themselves run fairly standard phishing scams.

After acquiring email addresses from members of dating sites, the script sends a message telling members that they need to log into their accounts for any number of fraudulent reasons (usually "account confirmation" or something that sounds equally innocuous).

I am always getting hit on by people asking for something or other or they want to go off to some skype chat and then they want money or worse.

While still marketed as a "global network for meeting new people," the platform is conducive to forging friendships and romances.

Create A Profile Create a personalised profile, add photos and describe your ideal partner. JDate is the most popular online dating destination specifically for Find love online dating sites phish singles, tens of thousands of whom interact on the site every day.

At this point, you're likely either feeling really safe or like the place is run by an overzealous prison guard, or a bit of both. I am always getting hit on by people asking for something or other or they want to go off to some skype chat and then they want money or worse.

By impersonating a potential partner, building up a relationship online and then claiming to be in financial distress, a cunning phisher could scam a well-meaning but gullible user out of thousands of dollars.

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