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At first I said "no" because I was afraid due to a recent breakup with a Libra. I think he is unusually emotional for a Leo but I could be wrong.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Pisces compatibility article on this relationship first.=) At first our relationship blossomed and it was steamy and the most wonderful experience I have ever felt...Sure we had problems from time to time but we've always been honest with one another no matter what and I admired that many times over again about him.Praising him for his strength in handling strange predicaments is something that comes in handy when he's down, or I know he needs the uplifting. When I give into him, the sweetness disappears and he returns to his normal self, which is very hard for me to get along with most of the time. Leo's are more interested in laying back and receiving pleasure than even giving a thought about whether you are enjoying it. Pisces women and Leo men don't understand each other. I've just dated two Leo men before and the results were basically the same. I have been dating him for 4 months and before we started talking 8 months ago..and just so everyone knows, I'm the one that dominates the relationship, and he follows my lead without a complaint and he even says he loves it. He says I'm so good to him that he'd be crazy to let me go. It's really a mentally and emotionally exhausting effort to try. the relationship is worth it but like every one it has its problems..attention they crave can at times drain us but the love they also show is what we want.I believe we're truly a wonderful match, even as Leo and Pisces, as long as we understand each others needs. We've been together for over 2 years, a VERY ROUGH two years. In the beginning it was magical, yet there was always something lingering that just didn't feel right. But when you give your all and rarely get anything in return (not even a smile or a thank you ever), it really starts to change the way you look at someone. Now days, I don't give him as much and do for him as much anymore, and he demands it now. A few months passed and we started getting closer and his flirting was starting to work its magic on my mysterious Pisces heart...

Leo men are VERY self centered and love people to cater to them and make them feel important. Pisces don't like to feel taken for granted or disrespected. After time I found myself daydreaming over him and a few weeks later we were together.

So although my sign is the weaker one, I know Pisces can take charge, even over a stronger sign like Leo. Yet he refuses to bend at all to make me happy, no matter how much I bend for him. If you haven't already been entangled in this love match, then don't even try it. I wouldn't trade him for anyone else Im a Pisces woman and yes Im currently with a Leo man. It all started out late in the summer and you know how you meet people when you have common interests you share, well we got to know each other very well as time passed on.

He does get jealous about random things, and holds me on a pedestal, which is exhausting, and he tries to control aspects, but I normally tell him I don't care, and I like the way something is, and he'll leave it be. There are many different opinions going around about this... Sometimes he would start "harmless" flirting and say it meant nothing even if he was already with someone.

Even when we're fighting, I love the time, because something gets fixed, and he's a great listener whenever I get in my moods of ranting.

He never forgets to tell me he loves me, and I always return his affections.

His emotional outbursts became too frequent and too public - often embarrassing me in front of family/friends.