13 david deangelo dating books bonus book

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He tells you how to catch beautiful women’s attention by wearing the right clothes and positioning yourself the right way, what to say to bitchy women, how to reverse situations so that YOU look like the catch, and most interesting of all, the six things that attract women. De Angelo explains in great detail how doing things like treating a bitchy women with attitude and control of the situation, instead of apologizing and obeying her commands, will set her heart on fire and instantly separate YOU from 99% of the other guys out there…even the tall, rich, and handsome ones! These are interviews with guys who have "made it," who understand the principles behind female attraction.


As he writes, "When I made the decision to get this part of my life handled, I decided that instead of trying to start with an angle…that I would like to learn in a way that gave me power to act with just my personality and presentation.

In other words, I wanted to make this part of who I was rather than a ‘trick.’" One thing you realized as you read De Angelo’s book is that there is so much more to the art of attracting women than just techniques and gaming.

In this book, De Angelo takes you through some deep stuff that will truly set you up for success far beyond just female attraction, because it will be ingrained in you.

Flirting and approaching won’t be lines you have to remember; they’ll become natural extensions of your personality.

You can't approach women if you have this picture of them as some untouchable goddess. Basically, he’s a guy who’s gone from "average chump who can’t get girls" to "relationship oracle." The big question is, Should you buy his product?

The key to being attractive is loving yourself, and loving women. Unlike a lot of other guys out there, De Angelo didn’t become a seduction master overnight, just by throwing tips and tricks at the wall and seeing what stuck.

I would say that "Double Your Dating" IS that resource.

So if you’re keen to learn more, find out how to attract women now at the Double Your Dating website.

So you get the e-book, three bonus books, a free double "Interview with Dating Gurus" CD-set, as well as a free month’s subscription to the "Dating Gurus" interview series. I mean, there are lots of dating books, seminars, and CDs out there. Well, in the end I feel his groundbreaking self-mastery concepts and ability to provide you with fascinating advice from dozens of other gurus (even female ones! You can buy other products that will tell you what it means if a girl’s head leans to the left, and what it means if she leans to the right.

You can learn techniques that feel unnatural and forced; maybe they’ll work one or two nights.

This is important, because as he says, you can never know enough about success.