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Their data centers process more than 800,000 transactions per second and the company states that it produces accurate audience measurement to over 100 million web destinations.

The company offers public access to traffic and demographic data for millions of Web sites and detailed user insights to digital publishers enrolled in its Quantified Publisher Program.It developed as a key economic and administrative centre on the kingdom's frontier.This strategic position destined the city to be the site of frequent attacks and battles, but also brought it economic development and high political status.Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two sovereign states.and has been home to many Slovak, Hungarian and German historical figures.The first written reference to a settlement named "Brezalauspurc" dates to 907 and is related to the Battle of Pressburg, during which a Bavarian army was defeated by the Hungarians.

It is connected to the fall of Great Moravia, already weakened by its own inner decline In the 10th century, the territory of Pressburg (what would later become Pozsony county) became part of Hungary (called "the Kingdom of Hungary" from 1000).As a response to onslaughts by Avars, the local Slavic tribes rebelled and established Samo's Empire (623–658), the first known Slavic political entity.In the 9th century, the castles at Bratislava (Brezalauspurc) and Devín (Dowina) were important centres of the Slavic states: the Principality of Nitra and Great Moravia.It has several universities, and many museums, theatres, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions.Many of Slovakia's large businesses and financial institutions have headquarters there.The name Bratislava, which had been used only by some Slovak patriots, became official in March 1919.