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That is the term from which the pre-1919 Slovak (Prešporok) and Czech (Prešpurk) names are derived.The city's Hungarian name, Pozsony, was given after the castle's first castellan, "Poson".

It is the seat of the Slovak president, the parliament and the Slovak Executive.It was granted its first known "town privileges" in 1291 by the Hungarian King Andrew III, Owing to Ottoman advances into Hungarian territory, the city was designated the new capital of Hungary in 1536, becoming part of the Austrian Habsburg monarchy and marking the beginning of a new era.The city became a coronation town and the seat of kings, archbishops (1543), the nobility and all major organisations and offices.Michael's Gate in the Old Town, Eurovea shopping complex, Primate's Palace, Hviezdoslav Square, Bratislava castle and the Danube riverbank at night The greater metropolitan area is home to more than 650,000 people.Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia, occupying both banks of the River Danube and the left bank of the River Morava.Between 15, eleven Hungarian kings and queens were crowned at St. especially after the crown jewels were taken to Vienna in 1783 in an attempt to strengthen the union between Austria and Hungary.

Many central offices subsequently moved to Buda, followed by a large segment of the nobility.

As a response to onslaughts by Avars, the local Slavic tribes rebelled and established Samo's Empire (623–658), the first known Slavic political entity.

In the 9th century, the castles at Bratislava (Brezalauspurc) and Devín (Dowina) were important centres of the Slavic states: the Principality of Nitra and Great Moravia.

About 200 BC, the Celtic Boii tribe founded the first significant settlement, a fortified town known as an oppidum.

They also established a mint, producing silver coins known as biatecs.

It developed as a key economic and administrative centre on the kingdom's frontier.

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