Sexually active seniors dating

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Recently there was a fire in my home and our family was left with nothing.

There are also a number of different prescription meds available for men with sexual dysfunction issues, not to mention one for females, which is awaiting approval. So download Bustle's app from i Tunes for all the most recent sex and relationships news, advice, memes, and GIFs from around the Web. Data also shows this age group is less likely to talk about their sexual habits to their doctors and doctors are less likely to ask their senior patients about it."Whether it's using Viagra or they lose their partner of their whole life and all of a sudden they're trying to meet new people, we're basically trying to bring the services of education and treatment to them as we would with any other age group," Schliesinger said. It was found that 62 percent of those surveyed reported to being sexually active in the past six months.Furthermore, out of those who were 60-plus and were in a committed relationships, 59 percent of them admitted to being sexually active."The truth is that if you're sexually active, you're still at risk of contracting any STD, including HIV, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia," said Carol Schliesinger with the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

Metro Health is now working to serve this age group by bringing their STD mobile clinic to a local senior center for the first time.

The mobile clinic will be at the South Side Lions Senior Center starting at 10 a.m.

DEAR ABBY: April is Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) Month.

Holly Thomas, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says to Health Day.

In order to come to their conclusions, Thomas and her colleagues expanded on research that was completed several years ago.

Here’s a new bit of information you probably think you didn’t need to know: your grandma is having sex—and regularly!

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