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And Liebes Ich / Dear Me (Director / Screenplay: Luise Makarov, Cinematography: Luise Makarov, Production: Jonas Rothlaender) is in the running for the Documentary Film Prize, which is endowed with 12,000 Euro prize money.

He is originally from Red Lake, located in northwestern Ontario.“We want to repeat that performance and add a clean short program to it." While performing at a regional year-end gala might not represent the ideal training only a week before World Championships, Duhamel and Radford clearly see the benefits."During a show routine, you get to concentrate just on performing, which is your goal when you get to competition," Radford said.But after battling back to finish in the top two and earning their berth on the Canadian team, they are certainly not about to let a one-month delay throw them for a loop.The northern Ontario tandem, who were at the Mc Celland Arena on Saturday night as part of the Copper Cliff Skating Club year-end gala, recently left for Moscow to compete later this week at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships."But it's so much more difficult there, because you have technical elements that you want to perform at the same time." "We have also decided to include, along with our pairs tricks, a lot of difficult elements," Duhamel said.

"We're trying to have fun and enjoy the performance, but also incorporate the throws, the lifts, the jumps that we do in competition." And they also got to enjoy a walk down memory lane.And of course our in-house cinema will once again be screening selected films from the over 200 works created at the DFFB by our students over the course of a year.In addition, the film also received a Special Nominal Mention at the Panavision Award.A list of links to the ISU bios of figure skaters and ice dancers representing Canada.LOMO (Director: Julia Langhof, Screenplay: Thomas Gerhold, Julia Langhof, Cinematography: Michal Grabowski, Production: Eva Kemme, Martin Heisler) has been nominated in three categories: Full-length Feature Film, Götz George Young Talents Award and Michael Ballhaus Prize for Cinematography Graduates."I don't think it ever really occurred to us to start skating together until our coach mentioned it — and even when he did mention it, I think we were both a little skeptical," Radford said. "Our first tryouts that we did weren't very good," Duhamel said, with a laugh.

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    “Before that people did come to Yala, but not in droves like they do now, and back then they used to come to see elephants, not leopards,” says Chandika Jayaratne, 31, a guide and head naturalist for Wild Coast Tented Lodge near the park’s boundary.

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