Tiler peck and robert fairchild dating

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Tiler peck and robert fairchild dating - stana katic dating new york

“What we felt for each other was so big that at that age, we didn't know what to do with it," Peck says. “I always knew she was the one," Fairchild says, “but we both needed to grow up a little." At 15, Peck became a NYCB apprentice, and a few months later she joined the corps de ballet.Before long, artistic director Peter Martins had cast her as the lead in his Friandises, a showcase for rising corps dancers.

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It's an age when most ballet dancers are earning their first breakout roles, gradually discovering who they are onstage. She followed an uncommonly accelerated path to the spotlight, joining New York City Ballet as an apprentice in 2004 at age 15 and becoming a principal in 2009.

The project reunites her with Stroman, who custom-tailored Little Dancer—the story of the student who inspired Edgar Degas' iconic sculpture—to Peck.

“I was envisioning Tiler even as we were writing it," Stroman says.

They wish nothing but the best for each other as they move forward into their next phases, personally and professionally."The couple married in June 2014.

After marrying, Peck, who has been on Broadway in the 2014 revival of "On the Town" and in "The Music Man," starred in the Susan Stroman-led musical "Little Dancer" in Washington, D.

Later Peck worked with former NYCB dancers Yvonne Mounsey and Colleen and Patricia Neary, who introduced her to Balanchine technique.

At the time, however, Peck was more interested in commercial work.When she got the call for The Music Man audition, she figured it was a long shot—previously, the role of mayor's daughter Gracie Shinn had been played by an 18-year-old—but ended up booking the job.She moved to New York for a year to perform in the show, accompanied by her grandmother.“From the earliest stages, it was always her in my mind." In a way, Peck is a throwback to crossover dancers from 50 years ago.She's a modern-day Vera Zorina, with that dare-you-to-look-away star quality many of today's ballerinas lack.There is a certain hardness to that kind of glitter; Peck has yet to master the more soulful roles of the classical repertoire, and Broadway's razzle-dazzle seems unlikely to deepen that side of her artistry.