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Dating of mahabharat - dating wereld com

Thus, this work of Vyasa, called Jaya, deals with diverse subjects like geography, history, warfare, religion and morality.According to Mahabharata itself, the Jaya was recited to the King Janamejaya, the great-grandson of Arjuna, by Vaisampayana, a disciple of Vyasa (then called the Bharata).

He also explains about the military formations adopted by each side on each day, the death of each hero and the details of each war-racing.

The chapters (parvas) dealing with the war (from chapter six to ten) are considered amongst the oldest in the entire Mahabharata.

The historicity of the war remains subject to scholarly discussions.

This is also true of the historical period, where also there is no unanimity of opinion on innumerable issues.

Dr Mirashi accepts that there has been interpolation in the Mahabharata and observes that, 'Originally it (Mahabharata) was a small poem of 8,800 verses and was known by the name Jaya (victory), then it swelled to 24,000 verses and became known as Bharata, and, finally, it reached the present stupendous size of the one lakh verses, passing under the name Mahabharata.' and Michael Witzel concludes that the general setting of the epic has a historical precedent in Iron Age (Vedic) India, where the Kuru kingdom was the center of political power during roughly 1200 to 800 BCE.

The recitation of Vaisampayana to Janamejaya was then recited again by a professional storyteller named Ugrasrava Sauti, many years later, to an assemblage of sages performing the 12-year-long sacrifice for King Saunaka Kulapati in the Naimisha forest (then called the Mahabharata).

In the beginning, Sanjaya gives a description of the various continents of the Earth, the other planets, and focuses on the Indian Subcontinent, then gives an elaborate list of hundreds of kingdoms, tribes, provinces, cities, towns, villages, rivers, mountains, forests etc.Kurukshetra was also known as "Dharmakshetra" (the "field of Dharma"), or field of righteousness.Mahabharata tells that this site was chosen because a sin committed on this land was forgiven on account of the sanctity of this land.Despite only referring to these eighteen days, the war narrative forms more than a quarter of the book, suggesting its relative importance within the epic, which overall spans decades of the warring families.The narrative describes individual battles and deaths of various heroes of both sides, military formations, war diplomacy, meetings and discussions among the characters, and the weapons used.Popular tradition holds that the war marks the transition to Kaliyuga and thus dates it to 3102 BCE.

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