Vba turn off screen updating

28-Jan-2018 13:35 by 2 Comments

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Is their a way of turning off screen updating, so that whatever I am doing the screen truly does not update? Screen Updating = False To stop screen updating, but where my Macro is updating Tables, the screen still changes.

Raise Number:=vb Object Error ERR_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED, _ Description:="Newer version." Exit Property End Select If hwnd = 0 Then Err.After further investigation, it turns out that even with Screen Updating = False, it does not turn off screen updating.I have a complex piece of code, and when Has anyone else seen this potentially major bug?If anyone else was trying to figure this out, thanks for your time.This page lists some suggestions and strategies for optimizing your Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) code, so that it will run faster.I (another other people) have verified this on multiple machines. Sub screen_updating_problem() ' Make the next line "True" to fix the problem, i.e.

Hi, I've been using this code for awhile and it hasn't been giving me any trouble until recently.Excel & Word have the Screen Updating method thru which a developer can lock the main window from unnecessarily redrawing itself whilst the macro is being executed. If left alone, redrawing is not only ugly on the eyes it also takes more time for the macro to reach completion.Hence I created this generic wrapper to lock the window updates.I've added a lot of code in other places, but I haven't changed this macro at all and it worked perfectly before. At least, that's what I think was going on...it's fixed anyway.I read somewhere on google that screen updating defaults to true after a macro runs anyway, so I guess I didn't have to be turning it back on all the time.Does anyone see anything that could be the problem, or know what would interfere with the application.screenupdating=false? I guess you didn't see anything in the code itself that would cause trouble, so maybe something else I did is interfering.