Tweetdeck columns not updating

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Accounts that you've muted on Twitter will also be muted on Tweet Deck.

To create a list on Tweet Deck: : Muting an account from Tweet Deck will reflect that mute across, Twitter for i OS and Android, Twitter for Mac, and Twitter for Windows.You can designate a column to display a specific account’s Tweets.Just add a Tweet column and search for the account you would like featured in the search box.For those who use Tweet Deck in a corporate environment, note that all scheduled Tweets for accounts connected to your Tweet Deck are visible to anyone with access.To schedule a Tweet: With collections, you can organize Tweets according to topics, events, interests, conversations, and more, all in real-time.Tweet Deck allows you to schedule Tweets in advance.

If you manage multiple accounts through Tweet Deck, you have the option to schedule Tweets for each of them.

Get the best out of Twitter with Tweet Deck’s advanced features — ideal for consuming and analyzing a lot of information at once.

Customize your experience with Tweet scheduling, collections, search, filtering, and more.

Add your collections as columns, and Tweet the URL to share it with others.

To create a collection on Tweet Deck: Typeahead When you begin to type characters into the search box, Tweet Deck will run a real-time search that attempts to autocomplete your search term, surfacing potentially relevant search topics and accounts.

You can run searches using the keywords such as “San Francisco is *.” This will yield Tweets containing text such as, “ San Francisco is pretty,” “San Francisco is small,” etc.