Tips on dating a player

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Tips on dating a player

I had my first and only child three days after my 19th birthday.

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So her desire to constantly flirt is something you may want to keep your eye on.

Yesterday, I blogged about the advice my male friends have for interpreting a guy's mixed signals. Now, I think it's obvious when someone texts you at midnight, asking what you're up to, that he's just looking for sex.

Today, as a follow-up, I want to talk today about another writer-lady's very smart advice on how to determine whether or not a guy is a player. But players will also send more innocent-seeming texts, saying stuff like, "Hey — spontaneous invite — wanna grab dinner tonight? I'm free tonight but will probably have to work late through the weekend. " While this kind of informality might come off as charming or enthusiastic, I think you should never agree to a last-minute plan unless you've already been on multiple dates with a guy — or unless you feel confident that he is pretty into you. It will make you uncomfortable or it will seem like a deviation from his typical behavior or both.

She writers from her own experience as an independent woman exposed to the world of modern-day dating.

Her goal is to enable women to value themselves above all else and find happiness in this great big world.

She may take a smooth indirect approach or a very direct one.

Either way she will get the point across and you will have to decide if you are willing to give her what she wants.I probably spoke to over 100 people per day as these events averaged 30,000 attendees. If they were extremely hot, I would add the number 1 next to it or some other identifying tip. My evening would work like this: drinks with the average guy directly after meeting , dinner with the winner and then drinks with another guy who was just so-so. I lost the love of my life because I was addicted to this thrill. Sometimes I wonder if karma has reared its ugly head.During the course of my day I got around three personal contacts. This would move them up in line if they wanted dinner or drinks during the business trip. But only if dinner with the high-quality guy ended sooner than I had hoped. I was addicted to all of the attention, the money and power. Maybe that’s why I am still single and go to sleep alone at night.Men don’t tend to be as intuitive as women so they can’t even see the pimp hand coming before it’s too late.So here are some signs to consider when trying to avoid falling victim to a female player: Plenty of women have a lot of male friends simply because they feel men are easier to deal with. The problem is when you notice these various “friends” always doing things for this woman.Meeting men on the road also boosted my confidence. It’s walking into the fanciest of restaurants with the CEO of a company on your arm, knowing damn well you don’t belong but pretending to anyway.