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Dong wook dating - Onlisex and chat

I'm actually a long time Lee Dong Wook- Lee Da Hae shipper but I guess people change. They also haven't gotten over their characters in the series because they keep on relating their me2day shoutouts/messages to their characters.

‘Goblin’, the show that he is part of has been linked with several controversies over the years.Lee Dong Wook does not prefer sharing his private information like relationship status with the public. He played the lead role in television drama ‘My Girl’, ‘Scent of a Woman’ and ‘Hotel King’ among others. Talking about his education, Lee attended Saejung University and graduated from there. Some of them are ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by Monday Kiz, ‘Lost in the Forest of Love’ by Jed, ‘Dandelion’ by Zozo among others. In addition, he garnered the SBS Drama Awards in the category of New Star Award.Except for some rumors, Lee has kept his personal life far from the mainstream media. Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 6, 1981. He has won several other awards like KBS Drama Awards, and 8th Cosmo Beauty Awards.i'm one your fans..loved your acting, looks..especially your cool and naughty're kindy mysterious see a lot from you're simply the best..i'm falling for you over and over again.. I just watched "Goblin" for the 2nd time and thought to myself, if this beautiful Grim Reaper will show up to take me to the after life - I think I will be ok. hope Lee dong wook and gong yoo comeback soon in drama and get success like goblin. A true actor portraying the emotions of a guy who has dark past. you can make your acting great although in different character. He looks different when he's serious or even if he looks shy. It's just an impossible dream to reach and see him. I'm dying to see you oppa, can u please visit me here in the Philippines? Oh my, I have seen many drama's but I am so hooked on Lee Dong Wook and that Beautiful smile and his amazing acting abilities that I plan on starting a collection of what I can find of Movies and Drama's he is in the Star role... Did you guys know that i literally sleep late at night and hurry home just to watch more episodes? scent of a woman was one of the best dramas ever and you were so lovely in wild romance. You will stay as my first and only Korean Male Star Favorite!! As per Soompi, Lee and Gong displayed their bromance during their Asia Tour in Seoul.

I can't help but admire your acting skills and your beautiful smile and those red lips of yours. actually I'm too young to understand handsome man or love or something, but I think I'm falling in love with lee dong wook. and know after watching goblin Im falling in love again with both, lee dong Wook and gong yoo. I am glad they are in English sub title so I can enjoy.. hehehe..i just wanna wish him well..i was never a fan to any actors before but yesterday i made my me2day account just for him! it's my first time I really really love my idol, it comes to you.

Plus he's hot, yes that is biased but it's still true. :) watching roommate makes me fall for you more, i love you aaaah, you have very charming personality, now i understand why you have that reputation as an actor, you also high like others who get lead character, you are not someone who will boast what they achieved, you are humble and you know how to get along with the others even they have different personalities, i love you in all of your shows/movie as an actor specially hotel king but i love you more as a person in roommate, it shows the person identity and behavior without any script. He is one of the actor who gets more handsome as he grows older. " During your rage scenes I thought instantly to Public Enemies.

Its 2016 and I am still in love with this total package called Lee Dong Wook who is an amazing actor, killer looks, thorough gentleman and great human being. you must watch episode 8,,, and ooh i also love fell for kang jun because of what happened. ^___^ Lee dong wook gets so incredibly handsome and charming! He is such a talented actor who portrays many different characteristics. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama.

Most of the information regarding Lee’s early life and childhood is currently not available. Next, he went on to appear in several other movies and TV shows. Furthermore, Lee has also been involved in several music videos.

Some of the movies and television series that he has been part of include ‘Leobing Yu’, ‘Crime Family’, ‘Precious Family’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Arang’, ‘The Perfect Couple’, ‘La Dolce Vita’, ‘Heartbreak Library’, ‘Partner’, ‘The Recipe’, ‘Scent of a Woman’, ‘Wild Romance’, ‘The Fugitive of Joseon’,’Kang Koo’s Story’, ‘Blade Man’, ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Goblin’.

After that drama I am enjoying the goblin thankyou. Every scene shows your effort in which it conveys you want the audience to enjoy you on the screen. :) My most favourite character the grim reaper, excellent actor, it has been a joy to watch him on screen. Unconditional love and support ^^ First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. good luck and i'll be waiting and watching your drama and movie... but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE..

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