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He chafes against authority, and as a result has been fired from every job that he's had.Having been dumped by his unfaithful girlfriend, Andrew, who states that he likes women who are "young, blonde and ditzy" (a preference that Callie and Ashley find distasteful), spends the first two thirds of the season unsuccessfully attempting to find sexual partners.

Andrew's poor luck in finding sexual satisfaction with women continues, as does the women's amusement with his situation.As the cast meets up in pairs, Mike and Ashley find they share similar religious practices, and Josh and Erika bond over their musical aspirations.The selection of bedrooms underlines political and personality differences, as well as burgeoning friendships and romantic interests.She is a voracious reader and passionate debater whom MTV describes as possibly the most politically aware of the cast, with a "hot temper and a blunt demeanor" that manifests itself in discussions of politics and religion.She is also described as full of contradictions, as she is a tomboy who wears dresses, a liberal Episcopalian Christian who goes to church every Sunday, etc.Although he is grateful for what he gained during his religious upbringing in the United Church of Christ, he is now an atheist who thinks most believers in God are "narrow-minded".

Described as self-reliant by MTV, he is a recent graduate of Trinity College, where he majored in economics and played football.

She is newly single, and hopes to take advantage of this while in D. were raised in what she describes as an oppressive, "cult-like religion" in which she felt they were in danger of losing themselves.

Since leaving that group at 13 or 14, she has tried to make up for lost time, engaging in activities from clubbing to rock climbing to target shooting.

She has developed a skepticism of religion that she shares with Ty, and an open-minded, "daredevil nature" with which searches for new experiences to broaden her horizons, an attitude that carries over to her dating habits. she likes to be the center of attention, both professionally and personally.

She is also described as an athletic tomboy who used sports to transition to a more secular life, of which her stay in D. She has a history of childhood loneliness and depression, and having successfully faced those challenges, her lingering need for affection is evident in her relationship with her boyfriend Ian, from whom separation is difficult while in D. He likes to dress well, and is described as a quintessential ladies' man, though he concedes that his attraction to women is his main weakness, which may make it difficult to stay faithful to his girlfriend of three years, He also forms a band while in DC named Wicked Liquid.

Josh expresses a fixation with Erika, much to her appreciation.

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