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He finds success in Episode 11 with a woman named Andrea, who causes him to reevaluate his casual approach to sex.

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It is the fifth season of The Real World to be filmed in the Mid-Atlantic States region of the United States. was officially announced as the location for the newest season on June 10, 2009. According to MTV's President of Programming, Tony Di Santo, "The charged atmosphere of Washington D.Although he is grateful for what he gained during his religious upbringing in the United Church of Christ, he is now an atheist who thinks most believers in God are "narrow-minded".Described as self-reliant by MTV, he is a recent graduate of Trinity College, where he majored in economics and played football.She is newly single, and hopes to take advantage of this while in D. were raised in what she describes as an oppressive, "cult-like religion" in which she felt they were in danger of losing themselves.Since leaving that group at 13 or 14, she has tried to make up for lost time, engaging in activities from clubbing to rock climbing to target shooting.for the past several years he has questioned his sexual orientation and recently came out as bisexual, causing conflict with some of his loved ones. grew up in a neighborhood he says is accurately depicted in the TV series The Wire, which includes, for example, a former crack house across the street from his home.

He describes his mother's shame when he was caught stealing as a turning point in his life, when he decided to change his ways and become the "focused, well-spoken" person he is today.Andrew's tall tales and blunt humor gives cause for reaction from the others.Differences in religion and sexuality lead to the cast's first argument, in particular Ty, Mike and Ashley.He is also described as opinionated, and a "smooth, funny charmer", but whose temper sometimes gets the best of him.His girlfriend of three years, Lauren, broke up with him prior to filming because she could not accept his co-ed living arrangements in the Real World house, a status cemented when he informs her he has begun a sexual relationship with Emily.Ashley and Mike's friendship continues, but an encounter with fellow patrons at a restaurant sparks an argument between them that devolves into an ongoing hostility.

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