Global address list cached mode not updating

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See the documentation of those plugins (e.g., collectd-perl(5) or collectd-python(5)) for details. As a special exception, if the plugin name is either Sets a plugin-specific interval for collecting metrics. If a plugin provides its own support for specifying an interval, that setting will take precedence.

The most significant option is Load Plugin, which controls which plugins to load.Only the first Load Plugin statement or block for a given plugin name has any effect.This is useful when you want to split up the configuration into smaller files and want each file to be "self contained", i.e.If you do not want to randomly drop values when the queue size is between , set Write Queue Limit High and Write Queue Limit Low to the same value.Enabling the Collect Internal Stats option is of great help to figure out the values to set Write Queue Limit High and Write Queue Limit Low to.when they specify different intervals, only one of them (the first one encountered) will take effect and all others will be silently ignored.

Load Plugin may either be a simple configuration If enabled, collectd will export all global symbols of the plugin (and of all libraries loaded as dependencies of the plugin) and, thus, makes those symbols available for resolving unresolved symbols in subsequently loaded plugins if that is supported by your system.By default, there is no limit and memory may grow indefinitely. You can set the limits using Write Queue Limit High and Write Queue Limit Low.Each of them takes a numerical argument which is the number of metrics in the queue.Configures the interval in which to query the read plugins.Obviously smaller values lead to a higher system load produced by collectd, while higher values lead to more coarse statistics.This may be used in combination with recursively including a directory to easily be able to arbitrarily mix configuration files and other documents (e.g. The given example is similar to the first example above but includes all files matching function). To prevent loops and shooting yourself in the foot in interesting ways the nesting is limited to a depth of 8 levels, which should be sufficient for most uses.