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Desserts included green apple pie, hot mince pie, pumpkin pie, English plum pudding and ice cream.

All matters of disloyalty to the government should be immediately reported to the nearest officer.”The newspaper also announced the Japanese had attacked the American island of Wake, halfway between Hawaii and Japan.“Many south-central Idaho men are on the island, working at carpentering and other repair jobs to fortify the important air base,” the newspaper said. Its battle cry is unity.” In 1904, newcomer James A.

“Sleek Jersey cows browse in his pasture fields, fat Plymouth Rock hens strut about his yards, the perfume of flowers delights the senses...”Waters planted maple trees, oaks and pinion pines, but his favorite was the grove of sweet-smelling locust trees he planted along what he called Locust Lane.

Locust trees, he said, grow quickly and make good wood for fence posts.

To some, “Snake” implied that the river’s edge is infested with rattlesnakes, keeping tourists from visiting the falls.“It is a pity we cannot get rid of the offensive name ‘Snake,’” said E. Eagleson, surveyor general for Idaho who later became a Boise mayor.

In an interesting offshoot, Eagleson suggested a prehistoric population that inhabited the area before the Indians.“It would seem that nearly all our great rivers were named by the people of some prehistoric race and the survival of these names is about all the oral evidence we have that North America was peopled by a race which flourished before the Indians,” he said.

Ogilvy described Edison as the “hardest working man in the United States,” who had cots placed on every floor of his factory so he could take short naps during his 18-hour work days.“Constantly (Edison) was awakened to bear the work of the new phonograph so that it should be a commercial possibility and be produced not only to work perfectly... Several weeks later, Edison sent a new phonograph to Perrine as a Christmas present.

The Edison phonograph is on display at the Twin Falls County Historical Museum.

The locust saplings, planted May 10, 1905, grew from one foot to more than eight feet tall in five months.

The trees suffered over the winter, but a thick grove of trees sprang from the roots the following year.

Mychel Matthews reports on rural issues and agriculture for the Twin Falls founder I. J., to see the two electric rail cars Edison was manufacturing for Twin Falls.

Accompanying Perrine was Captain the Honorable Lyulph Gilchrist Stanley Ogilvy, DSO, a decorated officer in the British cavalry and agricultural reporter for the Denver Post.

Law officials from Twin Falls County, Idaho State Police, Twin Falls, Filer, Kimberly, Castleford, Buhl and Murtaugh met Dec. Sweeley’s office to discuss the county’s preparations to meet the war emergency.

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