Samsung galaxy weather widget not updating

26-Jan-2018 00:05 by 2 Comments

Samsung galaxy weather widget not updating

It turns out that this is a feature of Android where widgets are blocked for apps that are installed to the SD card.This was my problem since I had just moved all of my apps the SD card to save space.

Including the July security patch from a couple of days ago. I don't have any special applications running that should customize my battery behaviour (like Greenify). So I got into the Android widget documentation to find out what made the widgets tick. So I found out, that one widget can actually block the updating of the other widgets. So by adding every widget seperately, with a lot of time in between, I could notice that the problem occurred after a while.S., I have mine set "every hour" and still doesn't update)My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a built-in weather widget from "Accu Weather" and it's even more pathetic, it does NOT update weather conditions until you push this little circle on the widget.It will show you the weather from pm in the afternoon while it's already pm Is there a smartphone and a corresponding widget that will update the weather every 30 mins on it's own or when you turn the phone "on"? (and no there was NO a data or wi-fi interruption to say that's the reason for this)I don't know what app you are using but it's showing you the forecast.It's not related to a single widget, it's all of them.I haven't found a single one that updates at the moment.Okay is it just me or are smartphones and widgets behind times, the weather widget on my Samsung Nexus does not update, for example it says it's still raining when the rain stopped 3 hours ago in my city and it's sunshine outside, I can calculate that the widget is behind for at least 5 hours.

It says that the temp outside is 40 F but in reality it's already 55 F because it's noon but it's giving me the temp from am (the widget's settings asks you if you want your weather updated every 15, 30 min or 1 hour intervals but it's B.For information on how we collect and use your details, please refer to our Privacy policy.Since a couple of days/weeks, I noticed that my widgets aren't updating anymore on my home screens of my Nexus 6 (Android 6.0.1).Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only.Calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes.In the interest of balancing useful information and battery life, the News and Weather widget in Android (for example) updates as soon as the widget is viewed after sleep. The last Weatherbug update included some way to share your weather socially. I have one app that updates every time they add an asian keyboard. With Android doing at least 4 versions - things are bound not to work on at least one update.

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