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My father’s escape journey eventually led him to the United States.He moved to the Midwest and married a Romanian woman who had left for America the minute the regime collapsed. Roughly 100 million people died at the hands of the ideology my parents escaped. We owe it to them to recognize that this ideology is not a fad, and their deaths are not a joke.

In every country that communism was tried, it resulted in massacres, starvation, and terror.

A sophomore jokes that he’s declared a secondary in “communist ideology and implementation.” The new Leftist Club on campus seeks “a modern perspective” on Marx and Lenin to “alleviate the stigma around the concept of Leftism.” An author laments in these pages that it’s too difficult to meet communists here.

For many students, casually endorsing communism is a cool, edgy way to gripe about the world.

The stories of survivors paint a more vivid picture of communism than the textbooks my classmates have read.

While we may never fully understand all of the atrocities that occurred under communist regimes, we can desperately try to ensure the world never repeats their mistakes.

Communism cannot be separated from oppression; in fact, it depends upon it.

In the communist society, the collective is supreme. Human beings are simply cogs in a machine tasked with producing utopia; they have no value of their own.MATRIMO is a Romanian marriage agency, a matchmaker with experience in dating services for mixed couples: single East European women who want to meet single men from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, UK, United States and other countries.Our international dating agency will help you to meet face to face singles who are serious about finding a real love relationship for marriage in your country.Many in my generation have blurred the reality of communism with the illusion of utopia. Growing up, my understanding of communism was personalized; I could see its lasting impact in the faces of my family members telling stories of their past.My perspective toward the ideology is radically different because I know the people who survived it; my relatives continue to wonder about their friends who did not.Read more about our personal matchmaking services here dating agency.