Expat dating in south korea

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Expat dating in south korea - ub funkey not updating

Korea can be, however, a great place to live as a single expat. Sure, that happens, maybe even more in Seoul than most cities back home (Hello Cage at Gogo’s); but as an average looking 5’9 male, I can vouch that most of my relationships develop because of exposure and time.After all, being single forces us to step out and experience new things. As an individual learns from watching Into the Wild, “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” But, don’t let that self-improvement hot garbage fool you; Korea can be a brutally lonely country for expats. A girl may decide I am eligible for dating within five minutes of meeting me, but if she doesn’t receive adequate water and sunshine, the relationship will never blossom.

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I’m unsure if there are actually less western females who live in Korea, but they are certainly outnumbered by men in Hongdae or Itaewon on a Saturday night.

There is also a misconception that it’s easy for western men to pick up Korean girls.

I covered why this isn’t true in the Myth of White Men and Asian Women.

It’s the crap that sounds good, but doesn’t make you feel any better.

“Love will find you when you’re not looking for it.” “Just focus on improving yourself.” “It wasn’t meant to be.” “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Is there some truth to these sayings? But, I’m thankful my family doesn’t spew out this crappy advice.

Lame Advice Regarding Dating Do you ever get bad advice about dating?

You know, the advice that is normally provided by older people or your really attractive friends who effortlessly transition from one relationship to the next.

The competition for western women can be intense among the plethora of western-men living in Korea. This is especially true if a western woman is blonde (although she will be confused for being Russian).

Oddly enough, while Korean men are unforgiving regarding the appearances of Korean women, they are much more forgiving of the appearance of western women.

These advanced levels of inebriation typically nullify meaningful conversations and reduce expats to faster and more barbaric standards of qualifying the opposite sex.

If you are not tall and handsome, your personality risks never being put to proper use because people simply don’t have the time to get to know you.

They are awesome and usually make comments like these after my relationships end.