Expat dating in south korea

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Expat dating in south korea - Freenaked cam

There is also a misconception that it’s easy for western men to pick up Korean girls.

Expat women tend to assume that all expat men have yellow fever. While there are plenty of male expats who reserve themselves for Koreans, I have plenty of friends (myself included) who prefer women who are easier to communicate with.If it worked out, you would have made alien babies.” – My sister “Brent, she was too tall.When she wore heels, someone might mistake you for her child at the mall.” -My dad “Honestly, I wasn’t sad when it didn’t work out. nerdy.” – My Mom As an English Professor in Korea told me, “Relationships come and go, it’s our relationships with our family and friends that determine our quality of life.” That is, of course, sound advice.I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to tell me the truth.If you stop reading here, this will ultimately be my conclusion of this article.Western women, on the other hand, are a rarity in Korea.

I’m unsure if there are actually less western females who live in Korea, but they are certainly outnumbered by men in Hongdae or Itaewon on a Saturday night.Spend your time building friendships and talents in Korea.This advice will improve your quality of life and it is far more beneficial than trying to fall in love.It’s the crap that sounds good, but doesn’t make you feel any better.“Love will find you when you’re not looking for it.” “Just focus on improving yourself.” “It wasn’t meant to be.” “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Is there some truth to these sayings? But, I’m thankful my family doesn’t spew out this crappy advice.Given the amount of attention western women get in Korea, I would argue they have a great dating situation. I have to think most women who read the above paragraphs vehemently disagree with my opinions.

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    And that’s not me trying to be judgy or harsh here; it’s just the cold truth.

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