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It's the same as One On One raallv, only it's Four Ohi Four. You pick a wrestling quar- tet and so does your opponent.

Indeed no, by jingo, because it's also coming to you via the Master System, the Game Gear and the Maga Drive. Yep, we're getting ffiiier too, But as for quality, we hope that'll stay the same. What we try to do is balance the amount of space we can devote to each review against the total number of reviews we can Ij Hng you. It*s called Chain Letter, and this is how it wftrks. You can, in fact, buy a It Jckstart 1.3 ROM chip artd a Sharer Card that allows you to share this chip with the Arriiga Plus 2.04 KLickslart, and lets you switci^ between the Tiwo, thus allowi ng you to r u n 2.04 an il 1 .3 softiva re.If Iti4'*if Cu^rn pltflei V 4: rap -at gamv*, -d-o^z K su^- «««fr 43pf ifititivrt with 'y-Du'rci a uho-Iakb git' written on It. Ma^II g^t th^ ntea«aga soon •nou^h^ If h^d Ovvn't realiwe alroady.."\ I 1 6 ^^^J^ "Noi thai h6'.d (*llth»m IOIf»Bir(»cm, ys Mj understand...ur team and cfioofe horn a I yftor, 3 veer or uniimitea game.* 3&finfrnaf K»t sequet Kes iet yiaii watth highlights oi your team in attion, * Manage your mon By Qi weir as a team. Gold Ltd., Units 3/3, Ho Hord Way, Holfofd, Bimr Ingham B6 7 AX, Tel; 011-635 3366. CALL THE @ GOLD PHONE ^^ HINTS & TIPS LINE LKEM Of DAEKMOW |PE OF IW BBIOLIMII ir.CARTOOM The ZERO craw get up to the craziest of comic stl capers! ) a O INTERNATIONA Six packsd pages of thunderous tips including FOUR pages of eve opening Eye Of The Beholder /f imaps. CUDS FRe M THE FRO$ft AMM£RS 'f ' Wifh aft the fe¥etsr p&WBt-ups, benasesr feafares, hidden secreis and muhiples fhaf faa^d expect ham award-whnh^ Graftgofd * "BEAUTIFUL AND EVOCATIVE...$TAHDS IIP PROUD AMQKGST THE BEST OF PLATFORM GAMES. Mf Tf OLP I MLJI^il MMkl^i ■"-*- i*ta j^^ \ IT'S fl COMPUTER SHOW!

' Amiga Power ^ "THE BEST PLATFORMER SINCE RAINBOW ISLANDS;' The One 92% "A MUST BUY." 90% CO Amiga Screenstar C1 , Metrot Ki Utw Wtorl, Wapping Wat I, Loncton E i 9S5. Y«, another one -this time it'e tha International Computar Show and it's due to be held at the Wemblev Conference & EKhibition Centre.There'll to-e In^ds of weapons, eig^l way scrolling, hopefully heaps of tension and it's worth knowing ' that 300 frames of animation have already been programmed for the Ripley sprite alone. Ws trun- dled over to St Luke's Primary schdol irl Hampstead and asked Peter (age 41 to sketch us fl scene where Hipley first encounters the Alien, "^ello, you enlwl- ilnii. I prv^untia you'rv Al MH^k in ■ ganne, and I «itp|»o» duftt I, Umm Ganie*ineet»r, wr IJI have to help you ou*..." A VIEWER. But y Ei,i' r^ no C^Hpna*rtiae*ar - yew'r* Pet H^i^k Me expected of yow at the audition then turn the page and read our How To Succeed At A T'^/ Audition helpline.,. 2, Werge Adventures into Crysta S Tifis somehow, 3, Gather up the pages that y Qv would use for Adventures and yjit^/ and make a Game Indt K - 3 list about four Eo six p^^-s long, Ttiis C4uld be ^rran^ed si a column affair, consistiflg of a short review snd » mark out of five at Ihe t Kiltorri. You seem to have seen a secret blueprint of the brand new ZEROv Let's see if your Mystic Meg talent really matches up... We've : Ur TMESUAKE aiut Ma L TEO m BIASE So what do you need to know about wrestling?4, Fkir Miefmar», how atxiiit a deer-ease in paper qualiti/ ^Ai$ are c»nlv a rough outline. It's all dead camp and ITs all fixed - like a pantomine, in a wsy. Bonus I If you're a wrestling fan, yo'U'll probably want to sellotape the cart to tha inside of your underpants, Til get the praise over and done with right here, and say that if you buy Super Wr&stlsm^niayou'W be inviting people round just so ynu can show it off.Ofjt Of WEivir You can punch hifo, kick him and perform a hiptoss on him (like a judo throw, using your hip as 3 lever), You cao headb Litt him,, up-and-ctvw body-slam him or you can show him what a duplex is (it's a bodyslam, where he lands on his neck rather than his back!, Or how about trying to pull off a nifty ciothesline, where he runs towa rds you, o n ly ■for h i s nee k to meet your outstretched fore- arm?Two On Two, ba»ically- Yet, you pick a pair and sodoes vou)' opponent.