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Move him in and take an 'illegal' swing at whoever you want.(Mind you, your opponent's partner can do much the same thing, 40 you want to be quick about it.) HULKHOGAN TVPHOOM f; M.'hi'^i.'V/.'JH.

If the wrestler in the ring IS taking a bit of a pounding, just get him near enaugh tt hi& partner (who's staodiing outstde tha ropes! Sometimes you can cheat t OO- The rules of real Tag Wrestling say something like: "Only one fighter from either team can be inside the ring at any one time," but as we all know, that's a load of old bullshit. if the wrestler you're 'Control- ling gets pinnad to the ground, you briefly take CDntrol of the wrestler standing outside the ropes instead.It's the same as One On One raallv, only it's Four Ohi Four. You pick a wrestling quar- tet and so does your opponent.Thev come into the ring, one at a time, and it's a fight to the death.^- Rfl-n^ov B th« i Ktmi -trunacf^Ar^rtt w rapper f ro m Orte of |t*06e ' hflz«i nut in the mitidle' Qu^iity Strastm. Pull the wrap- per tfl Mgh-t and t ^^ I ^^1 KBllntnpe jl^ over i ^g I ^IL g, the frame. VDur3.0 '■ / r J t HI •t Kinitcle ie ntfvn HUMAN STO OPEN TO RE\ fcsi, someone's stomach will.,, f at so me poi nt o r a nother. We're talk- ing of courso, as if the pictures hadn't given it away already, about the forth- comino big-screen corker Alien 3, which will be coming to a cinema neat you very soon, But the cinema isn't thi' only place it's coming to. Well, we don't actuary have a Game Index as Such.,, but after we've given you the complete set of the special pull-out A-Z of chaats, we'll start a 'pullo Mt and keep' Buyers' Guide section, pretty much as you describe, 4. Welf, reviewing has always been the name of the game, and we'll erideavourto bring you as in-depth a treatment as you could hope. Say you want to ask top progrstnmer Archer Wacte^n how m^ny tines of cog if there was an emulator avaliabfe for the A5D0 Plus; to run rcrmal A50Q soflwara.Indeed no, by jingo, because it's also coming to you via the Master System, the Game Gear and the Maga Drive. Yep, we're getting ffiiier too, But as for quality, we hope that'll stay the same. What we try to do is balance the amount of space we can devote to each review against the total number of reviews we can Ij Hng you. It*s called Chain Letter, and this is how it wftrks. You can, in fact, buy a It Jckstart 1.3 ROM chip artd a Sharer Card that allows you to share this chip with the Arriiga Plus 2.04 KLickslart, and lets you switci^ between the Tiwo, thus allowi ng you to r u n 2.04 an il 1 .3 softiva re.More than ISO s Mhibitots will be showing and demonstrating products armed M max- imising the flill potential of the ST, Anniga and PC and - v/b were told - there will be a rnajo T emphasis an ^tvte Hainment and leisure applications. Games of course- Load a of the SKhibitors will be showing off their latest software, and thar» may be a favw bargiains to pick up.

There's apparently going to be quite a hurz an hand- he Jds and ccnsolea as well, so there's some- thing for evervone.Accliaim has the licence and Probe Software i;coders of BBCk To The Furure- and the brilliant Golden Axe to n a me bu t two J a re do i n cj a\ the donkey work. Why not write to us onc& more and tell us what yoir personally think of the brand Spanking new ZERO? You can buy the sha-rei card from Ptioertijt for £24,99 *nd Ki^kstart 1,3 for £39,99, It is s lot to pay, but i' y OL really need to run i,3 software, it would be wot* your ■w*iile, Vou wn get in louch wili Ph Mni Konl053Jop thpt servas «» the ZERO iff ice is more in need of a ol^cin Dut than Colombo's wardrobe.It sounds as if the game might be rather spesh actually, as Prcibe intends to include graphics straight from the film, an atmospheric soundtrack and loads of chilling effects. Well, it's much the same as the film, basically, wh i c h at t he e nd of th e day involves Ripley locating the alien before IT locates HEF^. have been ra leased yet as it isn't due until October, but SMAAART doesn't like to let you down. Now that ZERO'S sjiortii^g a new look, it's all the mors important that we flet rid of all the old crap.12 Bitchin' hom$ boy David Public Anenomie Wilsqn slips you the nod-., and replies to all yow verbal abuse! ^'' 37 Powermonger Biill Hir 37 Pnw Brmonger llooa Tlfp P^ ■ MD - Mega Drive A " Amiga SM - SMper NE5 ni - Mintanila IMS - Masmer Sys Bem PC - PC 5¥ - Atari ST GB - Gama Bay CG - Gani« Gear L - Atari Lynx 78 Ax Battler Sega 78 Rampart f 80 Br Franken lite 79 Hook Ocean 79 Hydra Atari 79 Marbli B Madness ^^^^■Pendo S^^Ti Atari i 80 Terminator 2 Acclaim 10 Balftowar Str««t, London WIR THJ.1 4 COMPETITION We're having a massive spring clean out, and we^'re offering you the chance to win all our rubbish! aquiliions of billions of ££££'3 worth of fabulous games Generous to a tee, eh? Earn 323 33 32 Teresa Maughan David Wilson Lorraine Jenkins ^ n : L-f Hi : ; I IVIary Brambli ■Hihll^i Mad by Dsnnl* Publlshlnn Lid- ABC 52,580 Stuai^ MBrri BB*!If you happen to be in or around London on the 10th, 11th or 1 2th of July (and you're not too skint to pay the entry feeji then why not pop along?

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