Updating to windows mobile 6 1

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Updating to windows mobile 6 1

The user agent value sent by Internet Explorer Mobile on a Windows Mobile 6 device looks similar to the following The Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Internet Explorer Mobile user agent doesn't appear extremely different from that of Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 5.0 but the differences are significant enough to have a dramatic effect.

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Such a move would quickly put Microsoft back on track to compete with the i Phone and Android devices like the HTC Hero.

To my knowledge, the capabilities defined in the file are correct but no one has performed a formal review of the capability definitions.

You should review the file for accuracy and confirm that the file provides the desired functionality in your specific usage scenario.

NET stores in the HTTP request's Http Browser Capabilities instance are not set correctly.

With the capability properties incorrectly set, the Internet Explorer Mobile browser on Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 appears to ASP. The biggest impact of this being the case is that ASP.

By matching the Win CE browser's section, the 26 capability properties defined in that section are set for the browser but those capability properties that are derived from variables in the user agent are not necessarily set to meaningful values as shown in table 2. Internet Explorer Mobile capabilities defined by Win CE browser section for Windows Mobile 6 To properly support Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Internet Explorer Mobile clients on your ASP.

NET site, you need to provide additional browser sections that will set the capability properties correctly.

For information such as the screen size that is no longer in the user agent, the regular expression in the section retrieves that value from the header sent for specifically for that purpose, ua-pixels.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the capabilities of Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 exceed those of Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile 5.0 especially in the area of Document Object Model (DOM) support and other client-side scripting capabilities.

In Windows Mobile 6 the decision was made to move away from putting the specific device type in the user agent and instead identify the browser type and version number. First the device type and screen size is available in the ua-device header, which makes having the values in the user agent redundant.

The other issue is that including the specific browser type and browser version number allows for better page specialization as both server-side code and client-side script can more precisely target specific Internet Explorer Mobile versions.

Now , based on sourced information from Taiwanese handset makers, is reporting a "touch interface" version of Windows Mobile 6.5 set for release in February 2010 -- an upgrade to the initial Windows Mobile 6.5 launch expected on October 1st.

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