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Because of that, these sites are very useful for those who want to covertly gather information about people.

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The purpose of social networking sites is to make the information in your profile available to as many people as possible, so as to create a wide network of connections.

The security questions used by other sites to verify your identity can often be answered using information that can be gleaned from your social networking profile; for example your mother’s maiden name, the name of your pet, the make of your first car, the name of your street.

Website developers are generally responsible for creating and managing the website.

Many social networking sites now sell advertising space to businesses by permitting them to target their advertising based on the detailed demographic information that is available in each profile.

The advertisements will be targeted to you based on your profile, and the business will receive from the website detailed information about the number and type of users who view the ad.

Be aware when you download new games or cute questionnaires or other applications that you may be exposing more of your personal information than you intend, and that the developer may be mining your list of friends for personal information about others.

It is recommended that you read the policies of the developer of the application and choose new applications carefully.

Under privacy laws an organization has a number of duties to ensure that information is kept secure, and not collected, used or disclosed without the individual’s informed consent.

Often the privacy policies of these sites are vague and complex, the organizations do not get adequate consent from individuals, and they use and disclose users’ personal information to advertisers and marketers.

But many sites are open to all registered users, which can include businesses, corporations, and others.

Many profile registrations prompt users to include information about themselves.

Identity thieves can get enough information from your profile to enable them to impersonate you and use your identity information to commit other crimes.

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