Consolidating sql servers best practices

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Consolidating sql servers best practices

Consolidation tends to be a high-profile activity that can be politically charged; outages can undermine the entire project.As a result, IT must closely monitor consolidated servers and be proactive about preventing downtime as much as possible. And with those differences come scenarios that impact each consolidation effort.

SQL Server consolidation involves analyzing the servers in your enterprise and grouping databases onto a smaller number of servers without compromising the performance of any applications using SQL resources.Be sure to go through the same steps you would in any other migration process here- a deep dive into what’s there, prioritization of data being moved, and impact on users.Like any other migration, the end state will bring new features, capabilities and management entities.Since consolidated servers host larger SQL Server workloads, IT departments want these servers to scale and be more powerful than the hardware associated with underused SQL Server instances.For example, an organization’s new consolidated system may include four quad-cores, 64 GB of RAM, 64-bit technology and the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2.Although there are strategies to optimize temp DB from a performance perspective, there is still the possibility of performance degradation within an instance — especially if the temp DB database is a single point of contention for all temporary workloads.

IT departments that are not fully aware of their temp DB resource requirements may hesitate to consolidate.

Gridstore recently conducted a survey of over 125 Enterprise IT professionals a number of detailed questions surrounding the issue of SQL Server consolidation, including the business challenges driving their changes.

While cost reduction was the #1 response to what is driving the desire for SQL consolidation, this was tempered by the top three issues concerning respondents when it came to consolidation — Performance (74%), High Availability (51%) and Manageability (40%).

Many IT managers thinking only about virtualization when consider consolidation.

Managers and DBAs have to understand benefits and pitfalls, difference from virtualization.

As you decommission SQL Servers you may be able to cannibalize some of these CALs, but you will probably have to upgrade to a per-processor license.

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