Consolidating sql servers best practices

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Consolidating sql servers best practices - uses of radioisotopes in carbon 14 dating

SQL Server virtualization with Hyper-V has become an increasingly popular alternative for consolidating SQL Server instances and databases.

For example, an organization’s new consolidated system may include four quad-cores, 64 GB of RAM, 64-bit technology and the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2.Be sure to go through the same steps you would in any other migration process here- a deep dive into what’s there, prioritization of data being moved, and impact on users.Like any other migration, the end state will bring new features, capabilities and management entities.Over time, the business will see significant savings- but in the short term, hardware can be a significant capital expense.Consolidating to a single SQL Server may open the door to runaway applications, which eat up CPU and degrade other applications’ performance.Have you documented the databases, applications, connection strings, correlated SQL Server SSIS packages or security identifiers that will be involved in the consolidation process?

Do each of the audiences impacted by the change know what’s going on?Fortunately, with proper planning, training and by understanding the potential roadblocks of SQL Server consolidations, organizations can still reduce the total cost of ownership associated with managing and operating their SQL Server infrastructures. Multi-instancing is very legitimate and effective way too.It’s not to say there won’t be license savings- or hardware savings for that matter- but it is a factor where more detail is better.Database migrations are necessary when consolidating SQL Server instances and databases onto fewer hosts.Consolidation tends to be a high-profile activity that can be politically charged; outages can undermine the entire project.

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