Bostwana dating

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Kumiso meets Granny, who brews beer to make a living. The first humans are thought to have lived in Africa and powerful African empires formed from the medieval age onwards.However, today's African nations were shaped by the European powers who colonised this vast continent.

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With a long cultural tradition of people having their say, it's no wonder Botswana has become a successful multi-party republic.

About two-fifths of the population of sub-Saharan Africa survive week by week on what someone in the UK earns from just one hour's work on the minimum wage.

A woman’s status varies by country and region across Africa.

Africa is home to arguably the oldest-recorded games and sports.

While some are only known through archaeology, modern-day games and sports such as Mancala/Mankala and Nubian wrestling are very much alive today.

Nowadays, children usually decide who they want to marry. Watch the video to see what these are and find out what families traditionally receive as a marriage gift.

As a young girl in Malawi, especially if you live in a rural area, you may be forced into marriage, sometimes with a much older man.Having gained their independence, many African countries are still coming to terms with the legacy left by their colonisers.Across the rest of the world, absolute poverty has halved over recent decades, but in Africa it has barely fallen.Offana is 17 years old and is in no hurry to start dating. Like many Africans, education is important to Offana. However, Offana wants to have a wife and children one day.“People tend to get married in their thirties,” he says.‘People are the real wealth of a nation.’ This is the belief of the United Nations, whose Millenium Development Goals provide a framework for improving the lives of millions.