Sirius stuck updating

03-Feb-2018 17:53 by 4 Comments

Sirius stuck updating - Videocamchat eu

Or perhaps it had something to do with having had the suspension on Offroad 2 mode while idling for a long time? Also The radio has nothing to do with the Quadra-lift at all. I figured as much, I just found it very coincidental that every electronically controlled system decided to shut down right after I updated the headunit.In that case, could it be because I had it sitting in Offroad 2 ride and idling for a long time? Not that I would be doing that much if ever anyway, I just wanted to get a good look underneath.

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I had to take two pics to catch the Electronic Throttle Control light since it was blinking.

Needless to say it has been bothering me since day one.

This will be a detailed guide on how to get around some of these arbitrary restrictions.

I had the Jeep running the whole time the update was going and I did not restart it before driving.

As I pulled out of my driveway I clicked the down button on the Quadra-Lift console twice to get back to normal ride height, and as I was driving and the air suspension was lowering my dash went nuts.

This would obviously involve more than just the fuel pump, so I would assume it would require a whole new TIPM, right? If you need assistance making an appointment, let us know.

As of today C7 AUDIs (A/S6 A/S/RS/7) sold in Canada do not come equipped with the SIM slot that our American neighbors get.Kori Jeep Social Care Specialist Here's what my dash looked like while all this was happening.Forgive the blurriness of the second one, the drivetrain was jerking badly. I checked on recalls.and it shows that the P54 recall was done, and I verified under the hood that the external fuel pump relay is installed.Flooring it had no effect, but when I pressed the brakes it felt like it was wanting to pull.Basically every electronically controlled thing went out at the same time.While everything was installing, I had the suspension in Offroad 2 mode, because I was also looking underneath admiring my rust free underbody (gotta love Texas) but I did not touch anything at all under there.