Long distance internet dating rules

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Long distance internet dating rules

I know the moving questions seem serious ones right off the bat but if ether of those cant take place there is no sense in even starting long distance.

This is because, from what I've seen, willingness to drive long ways, and wait long times, tends to fall off dramatically after a very few meetings, unless there is a clear plan in place for one of the people to move closer to the other.

I will take all your advice into consideration for sure.

This is all so new, but he seems to be the one I would actually consider putting time into knowing. I tried it once but it was four hours away, I found myself doing the driving and the traveling, my date did the cooking, wining and dining.

It should be able to work if it is only an hour away, as that is no time at all.

You just need to enjoy your time together and have faith and trust. It seems that the guys I have been the most interested on here seem to always live over an hour from me.

I was happy with that arrangement, but the distance was too great.

I could not move to where he was and he could not really move to where I was, so we agreed that the timing was not great for either of us and stopped dating.

The key will be communication and sharing the responsibility and cost.

I agree, then decide if you are willing to move if things got serious or are they in a posistion to move.

Long distance friendships are extremely easy and common.

Long distance love, requires people who are not caught up in regular contact with each other, who's sexual hunger level is moderate enough to survive regular scheduling problems, and who are just fine not knowing what the other person is up to day to day.

However, in the beginning (during the dating cycle) it can be really tough.

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